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  1. There's a heated debate, so, please, could you tell us who's right. Question is above: what resolution is transfered through wireless when using vive pro 1 or Cosmos? Is it native resolution for this HMDs, or is it lower, and WiGig is doing some upscaling before sending picture to HMD? @C.T.
  2. I've met the same problem. Yesterday I tried to delete (backuped it first) mura calibration .png from Installfolder/Steam/config/lighthouse/lhr-(headset specific number)......../userdata/* (there are two of them, for both eyes) and suddenly mura became significatenly lower, especially on dark grey surfaces IMHO. And if i copy them back - mure became worth again. It's strange, because this files should remove mura, don't create it. But you may try this as some kind of soultion.
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