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  1. Thanks, that got me back to working, though the audio is now garbled. I will have to troubleshoot that tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  2. Ok, so I left it run all night, and it finished all but 3 packages somehow and it seems to be repeatedly hanging on that file, then looping back over, doing more, then hanging again. What does that exe do? Should I uninstall and reinstall? Is my headseat bricked?
  3. So I haven't used my Vive Cosmos for a couple of months, and when I turned it on to use it a couple of days ago it prompted me for an automatic update. Easy peasy, hit the update button and it gets only a couple of packages in and hangs. Hard. I tried again today and it's still hanging. Here is a screenshot. It's been sitting there for about 10 minutes now.
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