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  1. I actually needed to use a different USB port. Once I did that it stopped disconnecting on me.
  2. I have found that my headset will either disconnect or turn off randomly, at first I thought that it was because of my controllers because they will disconnect randomly as well, but it could possibly be because of one of the cords Is bad or something. It has been doing this since I first got it in September of last year. Is there a way to test if the cord is going bad? I only have one computer that can run Vr currently. I’m thinking that I might buy new cords for the cosmos and see if that works. Does anyone else have this same issue?
  3. I just didn’t have all the cords plugged in. I was missing the display cord apparently. It’s working now
  4. I have been getting error 201 messages when I’m using my cosmos. I have updated my graphics card and that usually fixes it but not this time. Any idea on how to fix it?
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