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  1. @Ken Lee Two devices we reanimated simply with usb connection. When connected USB we got screen "Trust this computer" on the background and restarted application by adb monkey command. I also looked into logs and there was no interesting info. But other two devices don't show screen "Trust this computer" and I can't work with adb, therefore, I can't do anything with devices (get logs, open file system, and restart apps)
  2. +1 same problem. We can't do anything. And we don't know how this problem rised. When device is on it shows "native android screen" and we can't press any button. Also we used kiosk mode before problem. Here two screenshots on russian. There writen "Select 'KioskMode' as main application". And two buttons 'Only now' and 'Always' . We use ViveFocus for enterprise and now already dead 4 devices. We should find solution asap! @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
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