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  1. They do seem to have confirmation that the combined current draw for the Cosmos w/ wireless and any external USB devices is too much for it: People on Reddit claim that it doesn't work on the Vive Pro with wireless: This is a niche product attached to a niche adapter for another niche product, but it'd be awesome if someone with a Vive Pro [Eye] w/ wireless and the lip tracker, and the latest firmware, can confirm or deny if it works.
  2. I've been using my facial tracker with my Vive Pro Eye with wireless. According to posts online and a single line on HTC's site, this shouldn't work. Yet I can verify that it most certainly does, and I've used it in VRChat for a few hours now, testing a mod. Am I on some old firmware that didn't disable it? Should I never update again? It seems to work just fine.
  3. The following problem has developed in my Vive Pro w/ Wireless: 1. Start SteamVR 2. Connect battery pack, wireless connects 3. HMD red LED, then dim/bright green LED. Screen turns on 4. A few seconds later, HMD turns off, LED is off, the wireless program reports no headset connected Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable to the battery pack restarts the adapter and headset. Sometimes the above steps occur, sometimes step #4 doesn't happen for many minutes, or 30 minutes, or for the entire gaming session. Tried rebooting. It happened once when I touched
  4. This appears to have worked for me! I'm using the Vive Pro Wands and disabled controller sleep, which was set at 5 minutes in Steam. I didn't change the PCIe settings, though previously I'd tried disabling USB power saving in the Windows Device Manager.
  5. Disabling or enabling direct mode didn't work for me either. It goes to a black screen. The workaround I've found is to put the headset down, push the steam button on the wand, and wait a minute. Sometimes I'll cover the proximity sensor too. So far that's worked every time, and takes a minute or two to do. Still annoying.
  6. I got my wireless adapter back after ~7-10 days (and had to wait for an unrelated repair of my headset, which was ~5 days), but it still happened! I'll try "enable direct display mode" if it's not enabled for me.
  7. After a few more troubleshooting sessions with HTC, they agreed that it's worth trying to replace/repair the wireless adapter itself. Things we tried: * Using wired mode (worked, no black screen) * Clearing SteamVR cache (Steam UI -> Library -> Tools, right click on SteamVR, select Properties, click Local Files, click Verify Integrity of Tool Cache) * Manually clearing SteamVR settings (delete steamapps/common/SteamVR/resources/settings/default.vrsettings, Steam/config/steamvr.settings Steam/config/lighthouse/lighthousedb.json) * Reinstalling USB drivers (SteamV
  8. I'm three days into troubleshooting this with HTC support, and I'll post again with updates. They've had me clear Steam cache, delete some files, clear the USB drivers, and make a bunch of system reports, but so far nothing has helped. They also had me test wired, which works fine. When I reproduced this most recently it took 2m30s before it went black. Wireless used to be rock solid for me for weeks.
  9. I'm having the same symptoms with my wireless Vive Pro. i7 8700K Gigabyte Z370 motherboard MSI GTX 1080 Ti 16GB DDR4-3200 PC4 Nothing overclocked It was rock solid for a few weeks, then it said it needed a firmware update. I told it to go ahead and it just sat there and spun indefinitely. Now in every single VR session the following will happen after ~10 minutes: * Headset goes totally black * LED on side of headset is red * Motion tracking and all controllers still work * If I cycle the power to the headset by disconnecting and reconnecting
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