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  1. @VibrantNebula sorry my answer was apparently not clear. The trackers are to stay on a desk at a maximum of 40cm from the surface. Therefore I was testing direct connection with the USB cable not via the PC's bluetooth. I thought that would prevent bandwidth saturation but maybe that is a bad way of thinking. @chengnay if i understood your message correctly i could have a "paired" tracker A on a dongle and a "waiting" tracker B on the same dongle. When I am done with using tracker A in my app I could power it off then power on tracker B and still use the same dongle ?
  2. @VibrantNebula @chengnay Thank you both for your answers. I have a better understanding of the situation now. I successfully gathered 8trackers for now and everything works fine. I can't wait to try out with more since it won't be a problem to connect them directly to the pc instead of using the dongles. I will be back with results of this little experiment. Have a nice day !
  3. Hello everybody, I am working on a POC of a VR app that would use a lot of Vive trackers. I am looking for the actual maximum number of vive trackers 2019 that can be tracked simultaneously by a single pc. I know that the document describes 11 as max but I wanted to know if this was a absolute limit or if someone was able to add more of them. I can't really invest in a lot of trackers right now so I am here to know if anyone reached the maximum vive trackers limit before i am forced to try myself. Thank you for reading me,
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