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  1. Hi, I am encountering the same problem. A scene with only the WaveVR prefab will leak memory at approximately 1MB/s. There is a problem in Unity 2019.4.0 and 2018.3.15 but not in 2019.1.14. However, a scene with just a Camera and no wave SDK scripts will not leak. A scene using the Pico VR SDK prefab will also leak but very slowly @LeRuf, is there a public URL for your bug report so that I can add votes ? @zzy
  2. Upon further investigation, the issue is caused by the single-pass stereo rendering mode. Reflections are correct in multi-pass stereo mode. The issue is not dependent on the device (Pico G2 or Vive focus)
  3. In this post, I only checked on the Pico G2 headset. I checked again on the vive focus, and contrary to what I said at the top, the reflections are also incorrect on the vive focus, with wave SDKs 3.1.4, 3.1.6 or 3.1.94. I am not sure what has changed to cause this difference with my first post. This may be a good news because it should be easier to fix if it is no headset-dependent. Did you manage to reproduce the problem on your side ? Thanks!
  4. Is there any progress on this bug ? Reflections are still incorrect with the SDK 3.1.94 (wave_3.1.94_unity_1-2) @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  5. Hello, There is a bug in the Wave SDK for Unity with the material reflections from the skybox or from reflection probes. In the editor, the reflections appear correct, when viewed in stereo with a headset. The parallax of the reflections can be wrong depending on the axis the camera is facing : Reflections parallax is correct along +Z axis, but reversed along -Z axis and null along +/-X axis. With a correct parallax effect, the content of the reflections will appears to be behind the reflective object. But with a reversed parallax effect, the reflection will appear to be in front of the object, which is completely wrong. This was tested on a Vive Focus Plus and a Pico G2, with no difference. It was tested with the Wave SDK 3.1.6 and 3.1.4, with no difference. It was tested on Unity 2017.4 and Unity 2019.3 with no difference. On the Pico it was tested with the Pico VR SDK and it was correct, but it was incorrect with the wave SDK. Having done these tests, I think the bug is caused by the Wave SDK. I attached a unity project using Wave SDK 3.1.6 demonstrating reflections along each axis. When viewed with a headset, only the +Z reflections will look correct. If you test this unity project with an other VR SDK, They will look correct. I also attached two screenshots of the project using two SDKs. The first screenshot uses the wave SDK and the second uses the Pico VR sdk. Compare the trees in the left of the mirrors in the right and the left eyes. The left eye sees more trees in the wave sdk screenshot, but in the pico vr screenshot, it is the left eye that sees more trees. The difference is very subtle in 2D, but very visible in stereo. I hope this can be fixed. Thank you Bug Reflections WAVE SDK.zip
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