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  1. Hi, I am encountering the same problem. A scene with only the WaveVR prefab will leak memory at approximately 1MB/s. There is a problem in Unity 2019.4.0 and 2018.3.15 but not in 2019.1.14. However, a scene with just a Camera and no wave SDK scripts will not leak. A scene using the Pico VR SDK prefab will also leak but very slowly @LeRuf, is there a public URL for your bug report so that I can add votes ? @zzy
  2. Upon further investigation, the issue is caused by the single-pass stereo rendering mode. Reflections are correct in multi-pass stereo mode. The issue is not dependent on the device (Pico G2 or Vive focus)
  3. In this post, I only checked on the Pico G2 headset. I checked again on the vive focus, and contrary to what I said at the top, the reflections are also incorrect on the vive focus, with wave SDKs 3.1.4, 3.1.6 or 3.1.94. I am not sure what has changed to cause this difference with my first post. This may be a good news because it should be easier to fix if it is no headset-dependent. Did you manage to reproduce the problem on your side ? Thanks!
  4. Is there any progress on this bug ? Reflections are still incorrect with the SDK 3.1.94 (wave_3.1.94_unity_1-2) @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  5. Hello, There is a bug in the Wave SDK for Unity with the material reflections from the skybox or from reflection probes. In the editor, the reflections appear correct, when viewed in stereo with a headset. The parallax of the reflections can be wrong depending on the axis the camera is facing : Reflections parallax is correct along +Z axis, but reversed along -Z axis and null along +/-X axis. With a correct parallax effect, the content of the reflections will appears to be behind the reflective object. But with a reversed parallax effect, the reflection will appear to be in
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