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  1. Sorry, haven't been pro-active,. covid19! Alienware is dell.. it's mass produced garbage.. uses factory made off the line parts. It's like buying processed food vs non processed, ones cheap garbage, vs one that's expensive and better tasting! But as you've brought alienware, at least it works, alienware pc's are more aimed at gaming anyway, still better than buying anything that's purely dell tagged. Dell and Alienware have high reviews due to newbs and people not so well (informed) on computers, and go with such garbage, it's mass advertised garbage because other companies can't afford such advertising! that and Dell/Alienware pays tons to people that advertise their products. Both Dell and Alienware are 100% primarily built differently with just different tags, (alienware were better before dell took over) Go to google just type in alienware reviews, (Anything not company based, gamerpro e.t.c) just casual buyers like us will all state BAD... unless you've rarely ever owned a pc. As I said, dell and such are terrible mass produced, they are mostly used by SIMPS and extremely basic people... you'd never catch a true PC owner or GAMER with a dell or hp product, that's why people buy CUSTOM BUILDS or MAKE THERE OWN it's cheaper and better, and you know the parts inside aren't garbage. Also you're right not all computers are built equal unless they are mass produced factory line crap.
  2. https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/special-event/ 2H 50M left
  3. I'd say the problem is, you brought a DELL, nobody who knows anything about computers buy a prebuilt PC especially a DELL, they use the cheapest off the factory line parts... here's an example, contacted alienware last year, asked if they price compare, compared my PC to there's,. they took 2000ÂŁ off the price, got the live chat saved somewhere on an external drive, I always take images of such garbage.. You should of brought ACER, MSI, ROG anything but dell.. Dell and HP are the lowest cheap form of computers on the market, they make mass produced PC's they are really just for the cheaper people, that's why in every school on earth and work place nearly everything is a DELL, you are paying cheap for garbage. I googled your computer and it says "8GB DDR4 at 2666MHz" not 32GB... have you replaced all the ram with 32GB? or just rammed more in there, you can't just ram more in even if it's 2666mhz.. it has the be the exact same ram., timings and all. I personally have never experienced such issues and nor have the millions of others that own the wireless, it maybe a small minority, but that's it. It could be interference from external devices, it could be DELL RELATED YUCK,
  4. Ah, okay. so basically FUCK THE INSTRUCTIONS ignore what HTC say excuse my language, and physically and personally I have to screw around trying to find the perfect way to place it on my head, AH, okay THANK YOU XD
  5. Is there an upto date list olf games that support full-body tracking!
  6. Also in the image they show it as flat, and on the site, but nope, this is misleading and false imaging, it's actually more or so curved... and not flat.. BAD DESIGN! if it wasn't curved, i'd have no issues, but it's curved, and badly designed..
  7. The COSMOS is extremely uncomfortable for me, after google, turns out that apparently HTC just turn around and say people wear it wrong, after googling even most people who wear it EXACTLY THE WAY IS SAYS ON PAPER AND THE SITE also have uncomfort with this headset. The front cushioning is fine, back the back strap of the head pressing against my SKULL, bloody hurts! I mean i can barely wear the headset for 30 minutes, I have to wear a CAP then the headset on top of the cap that's how bad it is, the reason I can see this being an issue is, little to no cushioning inside the leather garbage, that or it's the weird strange roundish shape, instead of making the cushion flat, like bike helmets, fireman helmets and more, they went and slapped this god aweful round shape with like no good cushioning inside.. so does anyone have an alternative, I attached an Image to show the part i find uncomfortable and hurts the back of my head, is there any alternative to this garbage!
  8. standard xHCI controlled ports ?? WHAT? can you say that in non science tech terms please. I plug the headset into a 3.0 on my motherboard at the back it goes all screwie, but when I use the USB 2.0 headers on my PC CASE (Cosmos 2) the WANDS (NOT TRACKERS) well tracking for them whatever is fine and stuff
  9. I have a cosmos elite, the trackers lag and go screwery when the link box cable is in a 3.0 but when in a 2.0 the controllers and stuff are perfectly fine??!?!
  10. So yesterday (thanks to a reddit post) I fixed a controller related issue, but one of my controllers is still being LAME.. moving the right hand COSMOS ELITE controller just keeps well going all over the place or lagging a bit behind
  11. So I recently brought a COSMOS ELITE and the wands are lagging, the headset is fine, moves perfectly, but the wands are lagging like every few seconds... ???!?!?! Even in direct view of both stations, I've closed my blinds, opened them, turned lights on and stuff, still same issue, resyncing tried (New user) Any tips or ideas please?
  12. It's a face plate? It's on the site? I''ve attached an image. All 4 faceplates (Cosmos Standard, Cosmos Elite, Cosmos Play, Cosmos AR) the AR is the one with the quad cameras! Technically it's 6, 4 on front 1 on each side First one = Play Second = Elite Third = Cosmos standard Forth = AR In that order in the image, Top left to Bottom Right. You'll have to buy the faceplate for AR when it's released.
  13. The COSMOS ELITE is a replacement and up to date version of the PRO with higher resolution and ability to do standard VR, and AUGMENTED REALITY no other headset I'm aware of can do BOTH THINGS! And HTC have said they'd look at future plates for the COSMOS, my guess EYE TRACKING there is a VIVE PRO EYE that has eye tracking. There's no reason one can't come for the ELITE! Technically the COSMOS ELITE is the best headset on the market, people say index but that's only because the INDEX has (Slightly higher HZ and FOV) -Talking headset only not controllers- Also the COSMOS ELITE recently appeared on AMAZON so that's another dent to INDEX, amazon has a 2 year warranty, unlimited replacements or money back UPTO 2 years, if you're in the UK that's 6 YEARS.. yes 6 years warranty! And next day delivery on the headset (you have 30 days to send back the old one) Unlike crappy INDEX where they had to refund tons of people due to lies about what systems it could use, (example) claiming it could run on the AMD 290+ and NVIDIA EQUIVALENT (false information from valve) it couldn't... but the COSMOS ELITE CAN the COSMOS ELITE can use old graphics cards without issues. (Keep note, being used is different to requirements for games) each game has it's own system requirements. --- If you've got the money you can smash all headset builds out; Cosmos Elite + Wireless + Index Controllers = Best setup, ^ That's more expensive than buying a single full kit, but it's worth it for the best combination
  14. Cosmos Elite is the best headset to date, it's resolution and colours are better than "Valve Index" the index only has higher HZ... And FOV. Oh and Unlike the crappy INDEX where they falsely listed it working with older cars for THOUSANDS to find out VALVE lied.. and had to issue refunds.. the COSMOS ELITE actually works with the listed graphics cards, like the AMD 290X or Nvidia counterpart.. The Cosmos Elite just recently got listed on AMAZON so you can now buy it from AMAZON! and enjoy that 2 years warranty with unlimited replacements or money back for up to 2 years, and next day delivery! The cosmos Elite also has an AUGMENTED REALITY faceplate coming, not even the INDEX can do augmented!
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