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  1. Is it under warranty? How long have you had the controller? Where did you buy your headset? Have you tried the support section? https://www.vive.com/uk/support/ ----- Please change region accordingly. Have you contacting HTC vive a support ticket? https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ ---------- Please change region accordingly You can change region at the bottom right of the webpage!
  2. THIS THREAD MAY NOT HELP EVERYONE..... I've noticed a few threads popping up about issues, artifacting, computer not detecting your headset e.t.c Things you should and shouldn't do;;;;;;;; Update your Motherboard Bios. Make sure gpu drivers are up to date. If you've updated your GPU BIOS DRIVERS (not recommended) please revert to the original version. Do not turn a 290 - 290X or a 2070-2080 via claims of a BIOS UPDATE (this is an example) and not recommended.. Make sure your USB port drivers are all up to date... I'd recommend using the USB UPDATES that can sometimes be found on the manufacturer site of your motherboard, DO NOT, I HAVE TO CAPITALISE THIS, DO NOT BUY A GPU FROM SOME RANDOM STRANGER FROM LIKE EBAY.. WHY? BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT NO IDEA HOW IT WAS TRULY USED, SOME PEOPLE USE CARDS LIKE 2080TIS IN BITCOIN RIGS AND MORE AND CAN HEAVILY IMPACT A GPUS... EVEN KILLING IT AFTER A WHILE, also only because a GPU is new doesn't mean it wont have artifacting or issues. How to do a fresh headset install after doing the common add/remove via htc e.t.c ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; On windows 10 go to your bottom left search box and type in (Device Manager) Open Device Manager Look for the headset in device manager Right Click the device Choose properties A new box appears, choose (Driver) Uninstall the device Click yes to whatever it asks Remove the device from your computer Restart the computer Plug the headset back in If you are one that trusts Third-Party Software, you can either use (CCleaner, or Driver Booster) Both are fantastic applications and can do the above automatically for you, but manual is also a good way. Always Make sure your Computer meets the minimum recommended specifications for the headset. Please note, the required specifications for each headset, are just the specs to use the headset, all games have there own required and recommended specifications, if your PC doesn't meet these then your computer may not be able to run those games in VR! And if it does, then any issues will be related to you and your system alone Random System file fixes;;;;;;;;;;;;;; On start type (CMD) Right Click Command Prompt and Choose administration. Type SFC/scannow This will do a random PC scan to check for any system files that maybe boinked and will attempt to fix them https://www.ubackup.com/windows-10/repair-windows-10-using-command-prompt.html The above link is a really basic knowledge on how to do a windows repair if you ever have any system issues that could be ruining your PC like file related, games not running, files not opening e.t.c Resetting your headset;;;;;;;; From your computer, open the VIVE Console app. Click , and then select Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset headset and settings. I MUST MAKE THIS CLEAR......... I AM NOT A HTC STAFF MEMBER, I AM NOT MICROSOFT, I HOLD NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR ANYTHING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR PC This thread is just some basic how to on some small resolutions for making things work e.t.c or if you ever need support for your PC, Always make a support ticket to HTC if you have done everything else you can think of, and always check vive support. https://www.vive.com/us/support/ ----------- This is US support https://www.vive.com/uk/support/ -------------- This is UK support https://www.vive.com/eu/support/ -------------- This is EU support At the bottom right hand side of each of those pages will be a region selection box, please select the region that matches yours, or otherwise, please select support at the top of the page ^ And at the very bottom will also be a support section choose the "Contact Us" https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ to submit a ticket, please note chats and such are time and region based, and please select your appropriate region!
  3. That's GPU artifacting (Seems like it) I could be wrong, but I know a bit about artifacting, you can also google this stuff,, your GPU is having issues, what GPU do you have, how long have you had it, please note what I'm about to say is honest and serious Your GPU maybe brand new, but that wont matter, brand new off the line GPUS can have artifacting sometimes it's like a lottery, the same as a CPU, 2 people may own an i9-9990k and both may have the same cooling, but one person could get 4.4Ghz the other could get 4.9Ghz (EXAMPLE) The visual error or ARTIFACTING is usually down to VRAM. Have you overclocked your GPU? Have you updated the GPU BIOS? Some people do that and they shouldn't, and it can ruin the GPU! What GPU do you have? Was it yours originally, or was it brought from someone, or given to you? Also only because your monitor may not experience issues doesn't mean other things wont, loads of factors come into artifacting, frame rate and more. Please try the following, if any of the above have been done; Remove the GPU OVERCLOCK REVERT THE GPU BIOS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL UNDERCLOCK THE GPU - yes sometimes this can help but if you have to underclock, your gpu has issues for sure. Update the GPU DRIVERS Update your motherboard bios? Some people never do this and they should every once in a while, this isn't done by "Windows updater" this is a manual task and you have to pay attention to what you're doing or risk screwing up your motherboard.
  4. First of, you are obviously new to computers, only because a monitor works, doesn't mean the graphics card isn't dead... a VR HEADSET is more demanding than a usual monitor.. it's like artifacting, one game can get artifacts the other wont... a brand new 2080ti off the line can have artifacting... your monitor working doesn't mean CRUD.. so don't act like it means anything, that's really arrogant.. Also 199 euro? could have saved tons if you claimed the repair on the house insurance... And if the device is still under warranty and I'm guessing it's not because you paid, it would of been a free repair by htc, so you've done SOMETHING... I had to spend money on 2 new 16TB HDD's because of my the cables, I didn't blame the HDD's I blamed myself and the cables.. Anyway, I'd suggest trying the headset in a different PC.. if it works in another, then it's your device, until then please don't blame the headset straight out.. you've made no claims to having tried it in another computer! Because it sounds like a graphics card input error, have you changed the bios on the GPU, have you updated the BIOS on the GPU, sometimes people do that when they shouldn't..
  5. Okay first of all, you should have gone with 4x8GB sticks.. not 2x16... ROOKIE MISTAKE.. How fast is the RAM? what's the ram speed? Are all the parts new, is the PC new, is it used? What cooler are you using the for i7 9700K, is the GPU overclocked, is the ram Overclocked.. Have you updated the MOTHERBOARD BIOS? that has to be done MANUALLY via a really not so simple process.. depending on how you wish to do it, it's not done via windows updater... Have you updated your gpu drivers?
  6. What graphics card, what motherboard, how much ram, what's your RAM SPEED, what OS are you using! Are you using the latest GPU DRIVERS, they can be updated almost every week
  7. Cosmos Elite is more advanced, the PRO EYE if you want a PRO, because it has eye tracking. The Cosmos Elite Isn't on AMAZON YET, and i'm still waiting..
  8. SanityGaming


    Imagen gaming at 30HZ! on a VR HEADSET, jesus!, I remember the days before monitors were 60hz.. I think 90hz - 100hz is 100% fine, and a perfect location to start with, I see no issues here. 60HZ is also a great standard, but not for VR (maybe for some) I don't suffer with motion sickness, would be great if the next headset is 100hz, whatever happened to the COSMOS doing mobile phone connection as was shown in pre-release videos and images and trailers, will the headset run at a phones HZ, or the headsets HZ... is the cosmos ever going to get a connection for mobile devices? or was that a feature that was skipped or is it coming with a future faceplate. p.s Also, by the way, i sent you a message via PM.
  9. Nope those sorts of apps wont detect that, and yeah I guessed as much that it was used, and a year is enough for it to finally die, my guess it was being used under heavy load, or the owner refused to state it had artifacting, like i said, even brand new cards can get artifacting, it's sometimes like the lottery. or a CPU OVERCLOCK, some will overclock higher than others.. Like, 2 people can have an i9-9900k and 1 may get 4.5ghz, the other could get 4.7ghz.. Sorry man, one plaster to this would be UNDERCLOCK THE GPU, may or may not resolve anything, but again, it'll be a PLASTER!, and a 2070S is perfect
  10. Was it brand new, sealed never used... any signs of use? They probably used it for bitcoin or datamining, that or they used it so much it made it fail, you should never buy a GPU USED without knowing anything, it's an old 1070 past it's prime, more than likely used so much, GPUS can suffer performance issues depending on circumstances. It's going to be a GPU issue.. Sorry you can't do anything, as I said, ARTIFACTING is more or so usually a VRAM issue, it's more than likely been overclocked (NOT BY YOU) but the other user and ruined or something, a top seller doesn't mean nothing, you can be a top seller sell like 10x 2080tis that were used and were used for mining... that's extremely bad.. Also a 1070 is near MINIMUM requirements, that's a pretty bad GPU for VR.. you should be using higher.. yes cards like 1070, 290X e.t.c can be used, but it's the game requirements you should look at! demanding more from a GPU than it can actually do is bad.. you should never do that... like I said, certain applications and games.. http://www.playtool.com/pages/artifacts/artifacts.html Just one site, plenty of sites that can explain artifacting. Once a GPU develops artifacting, there's like nothing you can do... sorry man, you can put plasters on it, or maybe even try to hold out, but at the end, it can get worse..
  11. What's your GPU... you've not answered any of the questions. and so what? you can buy a brand new 2080TI and it can have artifacting... and it can be EVGA , ASUS e.t.c hell even AMD cards have artifacting, you can overclock or run certain programs sometimes they won't artifact until after sometime e.t.c VR GAMES and VR APPLICATIONS are more demanding than regular games..
  12. Artifacting is usually a result of your GPU, it;s either overclocked, or underclocked, or is just the vram dying.. get a replacement
  13. Thanks to some great news and now soon being able to buy the ELITE, I need vr games. I'm only interested in the following categories; Horror Shooters Action I already own a few games. Arizona Sunshine PayDay 2 Gorn Star Trek: Bridge Crew Skyrim The Forest VRChat because it has some well made horror worlds. Half Life; Alyx (Comes with the Elite) I can't afford beat saber, I'd love it, but sadly it's too much, I wish It was on viveport. Same as "The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners"
  14. I was just wondering if anyone can confirm how games run (fps and smoothness wise) with this card. And how's movie watching, 290X is practically the minimum for this headset, has anyone experienced any issues whatsoever on this card, I run games perfectly fine at 2560x1440 on my 32inch monitor, though I also play some games in crossfire as i've got 2, I have an 8GB Sapphire Vapor-X, not a regular 290X that was 4GB, the 8GB were a limited edition set. I can run most games at 60FPS+ at high-ultra, even modern games, some games medium, never needed to play any games in lowest settings. Anyone that derails or says anything not related to the exact above will be derailing, and posting offtopic stuff, i've made this clear STAY ON TOPIC... NO THIS OR THAT, BUY THIS, BUY THAT...
  15. What do you mean by "It's upside down"?
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