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  1. If you want to get scammed and advertise a scam product like alienware, go to a troll website... like reddit., Alienware is just a sham and advertising for the ignorant.. it's like trying to compare 2 silver spoons, ones 100£ the others 50£ both do the same thing, just ones cheaper... alienware is the 100$... MSI, Gigabyte, e.t.c Will give you more performance for the money.. and more stuff.. better to. I asked Alienware to do a price match with a PC, they knocked around 780£ of the alienware PC... Not only does alienware use OEM computer parts like (gpu, motherboard, cpu) but they use the cheapest off the line made parts.. most of it's unbranded and just bad...
  2. OH MY GOD!, thank you so much for the response and for your other team members being able to communicate formly back to you, your news has enlightened me! I am so happy to hear its coming to amazon. And sadly my vouchers can't be used with "Scan, or Overclockers" e.t.c 😞 And lets be fair, AMAZON has better warranty than such sites, because if you have issues you go through amazon first, and if second the manufacturer, AMAZON is one of the top retail companies on earth for a reason 🙂 I'm happy that "HTC" Will be bringing to "AMAZON UK" that's really hyped me up the waiting chain. No rush at buying one right now though, with the lock downs going on and more, money should be spent wisely (Food e.t.c)
  3. So sorry to hear about your lockdown, 😞 And I appreciate you looking into the sales at the same time 🙂 and with these lock downs going on, and unable to go anywhere, I'd really want an ELITE, plus im sure HTC have had a much more sales increase or will due to the global lockdowns and more. People need stuff to do and keep them active! I'm ready 100% to buy viveport and more, and I'm already bored as the UK have issued lock downs for those sick and not sick!
  4. I'd rather order from amazon, especially as I have some gift cards to use and more 🙂 that and I already own a couple of HTC VR things that i brought from amazon.
  5. SO what you're saying is, you do plan to sell the "COSMOS ELITE" on "AMAZON UK", but you're finding it hard to get them to stock it for resale, do you have any plans on when I could buy it then from "AMAZON UK", please. Thanks.
  6. still waiting on an answer, so i can buy it from AMAZON UK
  7. This has to be a joke, I can buy any product nearly anywhere else and you pay like £20 or so and get entitled to free shipping.... hell i can buy a mobile phone, a TV, graphics card that costs more than these 3 trackers "2080ti"... And I wont have to pay shipping, companies happily ignore shipping costs if you pay high, this is a disgusting money grab.. Hell, I can buy these from (Amazon, Ebay) e.t.c and get free shipping..
  8. Why are you providing it to "AMAZON US!" but not "AMAZON UK".... hell no real store over here actually has it...
  9. Still haven't told me about the "Wands" / "Controllers" , about 1.0 vs 2.0 why is elite getting 1.0 and not 2.0... aren't 2.0 way better
  10. Well I'll be using "Full-Body Tracking" should I use 1.0 or 2.0 stations? Also why are HTC giving 1.0 controllers with the "Elite" when we have 2.0? Isn't 2.0 far superior?
  11. @VibrantNebulaThat's what I thought thanks, so all these people saying 2.0 is way better than 1.0 are clearly insane, thanks 🙂 As I plan to buy the COSMOS ELITE! And I'd only be using the headset in a standard size bedroom that I use for a gaming room, as I live in a 5 bedroom house (Got to do something with spare empty rooms) That leaves me to, why the heck are "HTC" selling 1.0 controllers instead of 2.0 with the "ELITE", what's the difference? Please.
  12. I heard 2.0 does better tracking? is this true? (i don't care about room size) Apart for the room size, what's the difference from 1.0 - 2.0 please, and thanks
  13. I'd love to buy this from "AMAZON". Thanks. Your support is terrible and disgusting. I opened a ticket last year in february, i update it every once in a while, I never get a response, I've actually tried (Gmail & Outlook) not a single response 🙂 I'd rather give "AMAZON" my money! besides they offer better support (Thanks to being in the United Kingdom) If I have an issue with my "VR" I can contact them and get a new one at my door the very next day and return the old one with in 30 days 😄 Thanks next day delivery , Thanks AMAZON! @jagibson
  14. Okay, you're obviously new to computers to start with... You're "LIQUID COOLING" a lower end performing CPU for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Next of all, your GPU is a budget low end GPU (In terms of GB), it's not meant for intensive gaming, especially anything above 1080P, Not even 2018+ games!, For higher end games you're looking at an 8GB card.. You're using 4GB.. I don't know what you're expecting, Decades ago, such small rammed GPU's like 2GB e.t.c were set in "Crossfire - SLI" modes... you have 1 Option, upgrade... You can buy a "390X 8GB" from EBAY that would do better than your 580 Because your computer is a lowend (budget) build, your games in "VR GAMES" are auto sampling and adjusting resolutions to better stand a headsets abilities! Nothing is wrong, buy a better computer or upgrade and you'll get better resolution it's simple... and as someone else stated above me, again the games are auto adjusting. Also you should be using 2 Base stations not 1..
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