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  1. Nobody knows how to fix this garbage? or what the issue could be?
  2. i can play every single VR game i own perfectly fine, Half-life alyx, blade and sorcery, vr chat, walking dead, arizona sunshine, skyrim vr e.t.c you name it.. A while a go I was playing "DOOM VFR" perfectly fine... now when I start it, the game instantly lags to like 5-10FPS, and I get 210 code compensator... i restart the vr , does nothing.... i've uninstall the game and reinstalled it, no difference....
  3. ... no ... what do you expect it too connect too? your phone? how's it going to track it's got no base stations? there's no such thing as a stupid question, only........
  4. I'm extremely annoyed. who can I contact privately.
  5. In games like VRCHAT, the balls where my legs are (feet tracking) don't go down to my feet they are sometimes half way up, or at my knee e.t.c is there anyway to adjust where my balls are?(regards) HTC
  6. Thought i was the only one, Sometimes I have to wear a hard cap, turn it around so the part that sticks out is behind me, and put headset on me after, (whilst wearing a cap) this strap is uncomfortable, the issue is, it's that god damn metal clip that goes under the rear cushioning, you can actually feel it's there! you feel it pressing against the rear of your skull
  7. 1) Can you use the 3.0 trackers with 2.0 trackers, in conjunction with each other? or must I have either full set of 2.0 or 3.0 2) Will you please bring them to AMAZON UK, like Gen 2 Are!
  8. this made no sense.. you just have to launch a game, and it should show on the headset after the game logo... and it can also show on your monitor... that's all, what are you talking about with the other stuf... so confused
  9. All 3 body trackers (got 3 ) work fine, but i've been having issues with them now, like in VRCHAT for example, one of them wont even show up as a white orb thingy... it's invisiable, yet works.. so you've got to imagen where the orb placement is..
  10. one of them even appears as a god damn third controller!
  11. One of them appears as a hexagon in the steam vrbox, , so i want to reset up my vive trackers because im having issues, how do i do this, because i don't know how. What i've done;Uninstall steam VR.Developer settings - remove all steamvr usb devices.done those 2 things, but my vive trackers still appear under trackers section of steamvr.. Yet they still show up under it, and i don't have to pair them again e.t.c when i turn them on, i want to basically "FRESH REINSTALL ALL MY VR TRACKERS" if that makes better sense! linked an image to show what I'm talking about I want them gone
  12. Does the garbage cosmos elite or cosmos in general hurt the back of your head? remove the god damn strap... simple, whoever designed this garbage is terrible, it's mostly the metal strap holder part that causes the pain and slight misplacement in the cushioning (against). Second I removed the head strap (The fabric that goes over the top of your head) i couldn't feel pain and headset is perfect, and you don't need the bloody thing anyway..
  13. Please use google translate for future messages, I am so confused on what your question is, are you wanting a 360 camera for making 360 images and videos? or are you looking for a standard image based camera for video work e.t.c if that's the case, then a dedicated VIDEO CAMERA not a PHOTO camera would be suited.
  14. What?? please use google translate in the future, thanks.. all motherboards are made for computers...
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