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  1. Hi @nbhatia, can you clarify, when you mentioned that Tobii XR SDK works with convergence_distance_mm was it with the VIVE pro eye system? If yes, did you have to pay to be able to save/use the data from the Tobii XR SDK? Thanks so much, Av
  2. Hi @Hank_Li, Thanks for the idea! I think I've figured it out, it didn't end up being a calibration problem, it was an issue with the input to WorldToScreenPoint.
  3. Hi @Corvus I am trying to save eye position in screen coordinates (where the observer is looking in the scene in X,Y,Z pixels) for an analysis. For now I've been trying to raycast to get a hit point with world geometry, and to then convert that hit point to screen coordinates, but the values I'm getting seem off. When I tried going over the documentation, I didn't think focusInfo was quite what I needed. I looked again and I'm still unsure, can you clarify what focusInfo.point is? Thanks so much for your help! Avi
  4. Hi @AdamStreck I'm running into similar issues, did you ever resolve this problem?
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