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  1. Hi! I just reached out the VIVE support service about the topic in the tittle, to be able to setup the base stations and the vive trackers without having to use the HMD. From what they told me its not possible to do that but they said that maybe there is a way. My purpose with this is to track the movement of a real object with the vive trackers and then save the data to simulate the movement in a virtual object. Apparently SteamVR won't be able to connect to those devices without the HMD but I found a way (link) to make the app think the HMD is connected and still can't make the rest of the devices to work, since it won't allow me to activate or deactivate bluetooth, I'm guessing because the HMD has to be the one and only to connect to the devices. Also, which headsets are compatible with VIVE base stations and VIVE trackers? I don't have access to the VIVE headset but maybe I do with the Valve Index, can I use those to setup the devices? And do I need the headset for everytime I will use the trackers and stations? Thanks in advance! @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
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