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  1. For anyone who hasn't seen my post on the other thread. I am reporting very positive results from this fix, this stopped pretty much all of my crashes.
  2. So just an update, it's been several days now and I have clocked 20+ hours on VR with these settings changed. I have not experienced a single crash, this marks a significant improvement for my unit. I'm not celebrating yet, but its starting to appear that it might be working. I tried experimenting with the PCIeGenConfig.exe program and set it to "enable" yesterday and clocked about 6 hours of VR, that setting actually seemed to reduce the video dropouts more. Not sure if it was just luck and not even sure this program does anything as HTC has zero documentation on any of the helper programs in the wireless app folder but i'm willing to try anything at this point. Before these modifications I was experiencing 5-6 video dropouts and 1-2 crashes every session. I have now gone down to 1-3 short one second video dropouts per session. This strongly leads me to believe that on certain MoBos, running mixed Generation PCIe cards on a Generation Auto Detect setting in the Bios could lead to destabilizing the WiGig link. So setting your Bios to force Gen 3 only could be fixing this issue somehow. Also my Wireless App logs have still not logged a single error since this change. This leads me to one of two conclusions about the short dropouts I'm still getting. One, they are happening too quickly now to be logged or two, they are being caused by something else (eg. SteamVR's interaction with wireless). Either way, its in a tolerable state now and I'm starting to love my wireless again. Hoping to hear from other ppls experiences soon.
  3. Interesting development I've found, if I could get other ppl to test too and verify their experiences. Preface this with, my dropouts are confirmed to not be caused by temp issues, I have a fan mounted to my adapter that keeps it cool. I forced my motherboard bios to PCIe Gen 3 and also ran the PCIeGenConfig.exe program in the wireless application folder and set the toggle to "Disable" Played all night, and while I was still getting short 1 second video dropouts once in a while but very sparingly, I didn't experience any crashes. I checked the Wireless App logs as well after every video dropout and normally either it will log a massive signal drop or a loss of the usb node. There were zero errors in my log tonight. I might be onto something, my theory is there could be some weird conflict running a Gen 3 card (my video card) and a Gen 2 card (Intel WiGig) on the same MoBo without forcing that setting to either Gen 2 or 3. It was originally set to Auto and who knows what the Bios was doing in that state. Reading up, the card will run in a Gen 3 state but still only give data throughput of Gen 2. Again, not sure if this is actually the issue but I did notice tangible and measurable improvement in both performance and the logs. Try this out and see what you experience.
  4. Also here is a crash log from one I experienced last night. This was a full crash, not just a blackscreen. You will see that my fan cooling works very well on my adapter so this is not a heat issue. [2020-02-14 22:27:39.234 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=53, R_Temperature=46 [2020-02-14 22:27:49.231 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=54, R_Temperature=48 [2020-02-14 22:27:58.159 -7 0x28FC INFO LOG] USB node not found 1. [2020-02-14 22:28:02.295 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 255, performanceQuality = 3 [2020-02-14 22:28:02.478 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_STOPPED(3), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_LINK_LOSS(1) [2020-02-14 22:28:02.481 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_SCANNING(4), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_REQUESTED_BY_APPLICATION(9) [2020-02-14 22:28:02.481 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] [SetCosmosAudio] Terminate OK. [2020-02-14 22:28:02.486 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] Connection Status set to 2(CONNECTION_STATUS_SCANNING) [2020-02-14 22:28:16.340 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_CONNECTING(5), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_AUTO_PROFILE_FOUND(4) [2020-02-14 22:28:16.344 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] Connection Status set to 3(CONNECTION_STATUS_CONNECTING) [2020-02-14 22:28:16.616 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_CONNECTED(7), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_SUCCEED_TO_CONNECT(13) [2020-02-14 22:28:16.639 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] [SetCosmosAudio] Launch OK. [2020-02-14 22:28:16.643 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] Connection Status set to 5(CONNECTION_STATUS_CONNECTED) [2020-02-14 22:28:17.026 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Get dock device name : VIVE1395 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.026 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] Device Name : VIVE1395 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.030 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Otp Channel 1 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.030 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Otp Channel 2 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.030 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Otp Channel 3 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.030 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Get dock preferred channel : Channel 2 (Player 1) [2020-02-14 22:28:17.030 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] Preferred Channel : Channel 2 (Player 1) [2020-02-14 22:28:17.037 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CurrentFwVersion : 4.0.10377.40 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.037 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)FactoryFwVersion : 4.0.10327.19 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.037 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)NvmVersion : [2020-02-14 22:28:17.037 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)MacHwVersion : 6577 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.038 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)RFEM1HwVersion : 8 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.038 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)RFEM2HwVersion : 8 [2020-02-14 22:28:17.038 -7 0x28B4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)ActiveFwVersion : MAIN [2020-02-14 22:28:17.571 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 2, performanceQuality = 3 [2020-02-14 22:28:18.163 -7 0x28FC INFO LOG] USB node not found 1. [2020-02-14 22:28:19.571 -7 0x18C4 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 4, performanceQuality = 3 [2020-02-14 22:28:26.640 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=51, R_Temperature=41 [2020-02-14 22:28:36.641 -7 0x26C8 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=54, R_Temperature=43
  5. I have been using this exact setup ever since I got my Wireless adapter. I have the linkbox plugged in so I can still use the Power Management features of the lighthouses. I have been experiencing these same dropouts and crashes identical to how they are shown in the YT videos. This is not related to the lighthouses. This is a software or driver issue of some sort. Oddly enough, my wireless was stable until HTC pushed out the firmware and SW updates that fixed the AMD processor issues a while back. That is when these issues first started for me. I have reinstalled OS several times, issue remains.
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