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  1. I got my Vive roughly two weeks ago, and have already come across an issue. Starting two/three days ago, upon connecting the power, the light turns green. Good. Then, upon starting up any program, the light goes red, and the display remains black. However, looking through SteamVR's VR view, the tracking is running flawlessly. leaving the headset perfectly still for a while prompts the screen back into life, but moving it shuts it down again. I have: Checked all cables are secure. Updated AND rolled back windows and drivers Attempted various methods of restarting the computer, SteamVR, and the Vive. Re-installed SteamVR AND Viveport and a lot more. I'm unable to check any cable-based issues due to being a jobless, social drop-out 15 year old who's broke after buying the Vive. @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone managed to fix this issue? I was happily playing Boneworks when the HMD went black, and hasn't come on again. I have a green light when the Vive isn't running any programs, but a red one when it is. Opening the VR View reveals that the tracking for the controllers and headset work fine. I've only had it for about 1 and a half weeks, and having spent $650 on the headset, $42 on Boneworks, and $50 on a new cable, not to mention the $2500 computer I got to play VR with, it's starting to look like a waste of money. @Synthesis @VibrantNebula @kenobi
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