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  1. Hey, Have you tried long press HMD volume button and controller system button at the same time ? This works for me when my Focus controller's out of pairing (which happen a lot these days and I can't figure out why...)
  2. Hi there, We've bought several Vive Focus for our project. Recently, after the HMDs restart, we found that some of them may not be able to pair with their original HMDs. This may include two situation: 1. HMD A and HMD B exchange their pairing controllers after restart. (HMD A with controller B, HMD B with controller A) 2. The controllers are not exchanged, but HMD A still cannot pair to controller A, even after press volume+menu button. We can still pair the controllers back by taking off the batteries -> put back the batteries -> press volume+menu button. But si
  3. After several trying, I finally run the experience demo successfully with SRWorksRuntume run as administrator. And it seems like the previous hanging had nothing to do with the VRCompositor message -- even I can run the program now, the error still exists. So the root error may be at some steps after the VRCompositor allocation but the log didn't show. Anyway, it can basically work now : )
  4. Hi there, I've installed SRWorks SDK version and tried to run both the sample experience Unity project and the pre-build Unity demo, and it turned out they both hanged when trying to call SRWorks SDK. In the log of sdk_SRWorks_Runtime_srworks, it always ended with : ERROR SDK] [HTC_VR_Init] VRCompositor is NOT allocated. , app type :22. And in sdk_ViveVRCompositor, I got : ERROR SDK] [HTC_VR_Init] VRCompositor is NOT allocated. , app type :3 I'm new to VR development, and with no idea where to continue the trace. Could anyone give any suggestion about this?
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