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  1. I bought it used, as a "outlet" piece, one which a previous customer has returned for whatever reason. What probably happened was, it was missing a controller, and the store just put one of their current HTC Vive Controllers in it, as the V1 are not for sale any longer. Guessing they never cared to even test it's compatibility with the headset. Either way, I returned the HTC Vive back to the store.
  2. I sent a support ticket last night, got a reply now. "Thank you for contacting Vive Support. Regarding your request, kindly note that the: -Contollers V1 and V2 cannot be paired together on the same system. -Controllers V1 with base stations V1 van work on HMD V1 or HMD V2. -Any V2 components (base and controllers) will not work on HMD V1" So yes, apparently V2 Controller will not work together with my V1 controller, nor will it connect to my V1 HMD.
  3. I have ver 1 Lighthouses, with a ver 1 controller AND a ver 2 controller.
  4. Hello. I recently bought a used HTC vive from a local store, I set it up just fine for VR, but was immediately quite frustrated when I realized I was unable to pair up one of my controllers (2.0). Googled alot and found nothing that worked so far. My Vive controller just has a constant fast blue blinking light when I am trying to pair it up. Fyi, I updated both controllers. Any help would be greatly appreciated..I'm very stuck atm.
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