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  1. Hi @zzy Here some check : No error in the Vive Console. The camera in the Camera tab is enabled (see real surronding check, press button twice to see surrounding check and 60Hz pouwer supply frequency). Interesting point : SteamVR does not have a Camera tab is it normal ? I've restarted my computer and close all other apps but nothing changed still the same error. Interesting point : The camera app from windows can acces the camera. It's a weird image but still it's not blocked. The see through function is not working properly. When i activate it my view in VR (in the steamVR app) is black and blinking weirdly. I've made a support mail to Vive about that and i'm still waiting for an answer.
  2. I tried updating vive console to v1.0.10.4beta but i still have the same error. the most revelant things i found came from the HTC logs : Did you make your tests with a Cosmos ? See full log attached, it's not "cleaned logs" the last try was with Vive console v1.0.10.4beta, the other are with v1.0.9.6 vrserver_20200210.txt Aristo.log
  3. Thanks for you reply. Do you know where i can download it ? i can't find it and i can't wait for your version at the end of the month...
  4. Hello, I'm trying to use hand tracking in Unity with a Cosmos but at the start if the sample scene i have the "Start gesture detection failed: Camera" error message. I'm using the 0.9.0 HandTraking SDK in Unity 5.6.5 (can't update Unity). SteamVR is updated to it's last beta version and all my drivers too. Vive console version is The headset is working fine on it's own. Does someone have an idea ? Thanks 🙂 @zzy
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