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  1. Now it no longer shows idle in the SR_Ranipal task menu icon unless I detach the Eye Pro from the base station then reconnect it... @Corvus @Daniel_Y @Jad
  2. Thanks for the reply! After the installation of SR Runtime and confirming the status of idle from the SR Runtime task bar, neither the EULA pop-up nor a calibration compositor menu option appear within SteamVR. In attempting to resolve this I have gone into the Vive->SRanipal->tools directory and tried executing the "EyeEULA.exe" which does start the loading screen, but ultimately ends with the Initialization Error. Additionally I have found that running the "dashboard.vrmanifest" within the tools->SRanipal->eye_calibration_dashboard does add the dashboard menu to St
  3. After installing the SR Runtime I never received the notice to enable or calibrate, though SR Runtime does show the device in idle. I inspected the Pack Log and found I am getting these exact same errors. In addition under LCameraModule.log I am getting the following in repeat: [LCameraModule] [2020-02-04 15:02:03] [LOG] [Init] camera count 1 [LCameraModule] [2020-02-04 15:02:03] [LOG] [Init] Can not find camera: USB Camera-OV580 [LCameraModule] [2020-02-04 15:02:03] [LOG] [destroy] Without eye tracking this headset is pointless. What is causing this and how might I r
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