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  1. NO. DO NOT buy a Sosmos if you want to play Beat Saber or any game where poor tracking will affect you. I made that mistake and now I'm ion the hole by $700 thanks to HTC's dishonest marketing of their awful product.
  2. Are you actually going to fix the terrible tracking on the Cosmos controllers or do you seriously expect people to pay you $700 for a system that doesn't work properly and then happily hand over several hundred more just to get basic tracking functionality? Why would anyone do that as opposed to just, you know, buying the superior Valve Index?
  3. I've noticed this too. HTC released a defective product under the (wrong) assumption that "some computer whizz kid can just make software to patch our hardware." The Cosmos is like what I'd expect from having a bunch of boomers who never play games in charge of the R&D - they improved every aspect BUT the most important thing - game play performance.
  4. Considering the Cosmos' controller tracking is totally defective, this should be a free upgrade. Otherwise HTC are basically saiying "Hey, remember how we lied to you and ripped you off lol? Well pay us hundreds of dollars to fix that for you! 😄❤️" Like, shit, at that point there's 0 reason to not just get the Valve Index which, unlike the Cosmos, isn't broken out f the box.
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