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  1. After many tries, I would say it is the defect of the product. The same settings work yesterday, but today it does not work. For those getting similar issues, I wish you won't self doubt much. It works randomly, not a perfect product for eye tracking.
  2. I am sorry to hear that. My one is still working as I checked it this morning. I didn't change any settings since our last discussion. I don't know if @Corvus can solve it.
  3. @jboss Thanks, but I don't understand what is the "User Account Control" referring to. Could you explain about it? Is it the Steam Account or the PC admin account? Thank you.
  4. Congratulations @DustProductions! I was admin account when I was stuck. Then I did what I suggested to you. Hence, I am not sure the admin account is necessary @Corvus . Hope the HTC Vive Eyer can make our life easier soon!
  5. I just found my eye trackers worked. I removed all settings and applications and reinstall ViveProEye driver and SRanipal. And I went to the folders "Program Files/Vive" and "Program Files(x86)/Vive" to clean everything. Thank after reinstallation, I should have a folder like the photo attached. "SRanipal " should be under "Program Files(x86)/Vive", NOT under "Program Files/Vive". Anyway, the idea was to put together SRanipal and Vive driver under "Program Files(x86)/Vive" . Could you check in this way? It worked for me now.
  6. @DustProductions Thank you. I hope so. Please keep us update if you got it.😀
  7. Hello @DustProductions, exactly as you reported here, I am suffering. Do you have any new progress ? Thank you.
  8. I have the same issue for a long time, very frustrating. Please share me if you solve it..Thank you so much. @Corvus
  9. Hello, I still have this problem unsolved, could you please give me a hand? @imarin18@Daniel_Obrien @Daniel_Y @Corvus Thank you.
  10. I am suffering the same issue but still not fixed. How about you? Could you please give me a hand @VibrantNebula The issue I report is given at @Corvus @Jad
  11. Dear @Daniel_Y, It succeeded before last Monday but it failed to work since then. I checked it with two different PCs but still the same problem. Do you know why? Another case when I ran the demo project provided in the SDK in “SRanipal_SDK_1.1.0.1-->02_Unity-->FaceGym-->FaceGym.exe”? Best regards, alwyuyang
  12. Dear @原田空来 @PheonixLab @Jad @Nermeen @idontwantthis (I am sorry for repetively posting because I posted in a wrong place before ) My eye tracker suddenly doesn't work, could you explain me more in detail how did you fix the problem? I ran into the same problem. Thank you very much. I am frustrating also. Google translation from English to Japanese for @原田空来: アイトラッカーが突然動作しません。問題をどのように修正したのか、詳しく説明してもらえますか? ありがとうございました
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