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  1. I have an anker Powerspeed 2000 Quick charge (model A1278). Works great without any problems with HTC Vice Cosmos.
  2. Hi, I have a Cosmos with the Wireless Adapter and have not had any problems installing Beta updates or reverting to Public Updates. Just to let you know I'm currently running the public I must admit I'm enjoying the Freedom of wireless. I'm beginning to quite like the Cosmos. Though it can be frustrating at times. I have recently started playing the Game A4 Tech in Viveport and the Bow and Arrow setup works much better than I had expected. The tracking is surprisingly accurate. The Bow can lose tracking a bit and go wonky if I pull my hand when drawing the arrow very close to my face, but I can reload and fire accurately. It's actually quite enjoyable to play. I think tracking is definitely improving. On Monday I somehow managed to click on the order button within 30sec for a valve index. I hadn't expected to get it. I am quite intrigued by all the stories of its performance/display/controllers. Sad that it is cabled and not wireless. The Cosmos really does have its advantages. I can't yet make up my mind wether to keep index or not? It would have to be fantastically good to keep a cabled index? Any thoughts? Expensive though? On a final note I was, up to this Monday having difficulty running Beat Saber on my System. For some reason and I'm not totally certain why it is now running smoothly and fast with excellent tracking. I removed the Windows update ending I think *996 and uninstalled steam and cosmos software. I then reinstalled steam and cosmos software. It then worked. Fingers crossed I don't jinx it by saying anything? Haha!
  3. I have a cosmos headset with wireless adapter attached to a Asus prime x470 pro (AMD) motherboard. I have no problems running on this mbd. If you buy the wireless adapter from EU or a good supplier you can usually return it if you did have any incompatibility problems. Wireless is so much easier, no cables to trip over.
  4. Restarted game, then heard windows hardware disconnect noise then display went dark on headset! Now when running Beat saber I get message (on my pc screen) SteamVR encountered a critical error, restart steam, quit steam.
  5. Just switched on my PC and Beat Saber is Juddery all over again. It's unplayable. My hopes had risen. I Do have a ticket with tech support. Gave them lots of files and logs. Not heard anything for several days. The tracking is extremely responsive and fast in the games foyer where you see scores and options. Then when I press play all he'll breaks loose and screen is all over the place again and virtual sabers vanish. This is what happened previously whether cabled or wireless. The last few days it's been working really well. I thought I'd fixed it. Am getting really disillusioned. Got till Saturday to return my Cosmos for refund. Return details are already arranged. Has anyone had this situation?
  6. The do need to get the cosmos tracking improved. I wonder when the next firmware update will be. I hope we cosmos owners with 6 cameras aren't going to be totally neglected from now on?
  7. I've just totally reinstalled windows 10 from scratch on my PC. I installed all the drivers for the graphic card and the mbd and HTC Vive cosmos software with steam. Beat Saber is now working really well. As far as I can tell excellent tracking too. Fingers crossed everything else is running ok. I'll see how it goes. It's a big improvement. I think something had screwed up in the windows 10 Operating System.
  8. I have has my cosmos for about 3weeks. Beat Saber game worked very well indeed when I bought it 2 weeks ago. Very stable, no juddering, extremely good tracking at near expert mode. Then one day I switched on my pc and Cosmos and Beat Saber became almost totally unstable whether run on wireless or cable. It's screens where twisting left then right up and down and the controllers would disappear then reappear. Everything would then be in slow motion, the savers would then move in slow motion. I would sometimes hear the headset disconnecting from Windows then reconnecting. It doesn't feel like a tracking problem. I haven't been able to find a solution. It seems so strange as all similar games to Beat Saber have excellent tracking and the display doesn't wobble all over the place. I must emphasize beat saber worked really well. Unless recent windows updates have screwed up something? Who knows?
  9. Beat Saber works really well on my HTC Cosmos when wired to the PC. No tracking issues at all. I've just purchased the HTC wireless adapter and Beat Saber is no longer functional when attached to wireless. I can hear the windows 10 noise for detecting hardware going on and off repeatedly. This doesn't happen on any of my other games or apps. Images are distorted and hand controllers are all over the place or disappear completely. The images are very clear but all over the place. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling beat saber and all HTC software and steam. It's just so strange! I supplied feedback with logs to HTC my track number is 20200216102757. Other similar type games to Beat Saber are working ok on wireless. In fact most other games generally work well.
  10. I used the newest beta firmware at first and it was terrible for aiming knives or axes at characters in saints and sinners. I then reverted to standard non beta firmware and everything seems to be working really well. I'm having overall a good experience. I had heard that the sabres in Beat Sabre game didn't work properly but when I bought the game a day or so back it worked perfectly. No problems. I cannot say if two handed rifle shooting works as yet due to not having a suitable game to play at present. I've only had the cosmos for 4 days. For me it works really well.
  11. I have just played my new Beats Sabre game for 25 minutes and the tracking for the game was perfect. I installed the newest Beta Software/firmware. it can play very well. very enjoyable. I don't know if a powerful PC makes any difference.
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