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  1. @davide When testing, the Leap Motion seemed to be working ok with the Cosmos tethered and using the USB-C plug inside the headset. The hand tracking used is generic, meaning it could work with either Vive or Oculus hand tracking, Leap Motion and XR controllers while keeping the same interactions and haptics. Unfortunately because of the USB-C constraints and the Wireless Adapter latency, Leap Motion couldn't be used and the Vive hand tracking had an enormous lag, flickering. The situation changes when tethered and the practicality of the USB-C becomes obvious there. .
  2. I tried with a USBHub to power the Leap Motion, but it didn't work so probably the USB-C connection does nothing in terms of communication while using the wireless adapter. Eventually the only solution left to use was Vive Hand Tracking which proved to be very unreliable and buggy in combination with the Wireless Adapter (jittering, hand jumping, loss of tracking). Unfortunately not even the latest 0.9.1 update didn't manage to fix that so we had to scrape that project altogether and go for a standalone solution.
  3. Hello, I want to use a Leap Motion with a wireless adapter on the Vive Cosmos through a USB-C to USB micro B cable. When wired, the connection works and I can use it without a hitch, but when I put the wireless adapter I see that the USB-C doesn't even draw power. Is there a way to use the Leap Motion with the Wireless Adapter on the Cosmos like on the og or Pro? Thanks @VibrantNebula @C.T.
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