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  1. OK so I hooked up the wireless VIVE Adapter and so far is working awesome with the Aurora R9 Test 1 - all default settings - wireless receiver is up high on the TV - check Test 2 - move receiver lower at about counter level - in progress In short - at this point as per @SanityGaming - not every gaming machine is created equal. I originally spent $1599 on this dell gaming machine I bought on Amazon as it had good reviews. However as per my original post - though it worked very well with many games including a WIRED VIVE - I noticed this stuttering jumping issue with the wireless
  2. I know this is an old thread - but it appears we never heard back from the OP. I too was having some doubts - I wrote them here: - another member said it was because I bought a dell. So I am ready to test again with an Alienware Aurora R9 - I will update.
  3. So no answers? - no big deal - I will report back with my findings - I bought the wireless adapter again and an Alienware Aurora R9 Intel Core i7-9700 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER - 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD - we will see.
  4. Hi Guys - Based on a reply in this original post - I am looking for a gaming desktop read to go - I don't want to build. The reason my VIVE wireless adapter is not working properly is because - according to the forum member whom replied - pretty much DELL makes cheap crap. He stated "nobody who knows anything about computers buy a prebuilt PC especially a DELL" - in all honesty I never had an issue with DELL - but am willing to try something else to see if this "problem" I am having with my wireless VIVE adapter will go away with a new machine. (though - the computer did wor
  5. Or this https://www.amazon.com/Alienware-Desktop-i7-10700KF-GeForce-AWAUR11-7088BLK-PUS/dp/B08CRZ7H9Z/ref=sr_1_2?crid=U4IW6C3FRAVZ&dchild=1&keywords=alienware&qid=1599057347&sprefix=alienwa%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-2
  6. Damn - I have an ASUS ROG - but the one where it does not have a PCIe slot. I went against my better judgement. BUT - I am able to return the computer no questions asked. In answer to your question it seems they upgraded the memory, SO I am willing to try this again with a new RIG - I'd like to spend about $1500 any suggestions? What about this one? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/alienware-aurora-r9-gaming-desktop-intel-core-i7-9700-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070-super-1tb-hdd-256gb-ssd-white-lunar-light/6411895.p?skuId=6411895
  7. Never mind answering - I returned this garbage. Very disappointed- I was going by I assume game reviews on Amazon I should’ve stuck to the forums this thing is plagued with numerous problems shame on HTC for releasing this they just went down a few notches.
  8. Hi guys - I searched the forums and did not find exactly the issue - so forgive me if this has been reported: I bought a wireless adapter and I am about to return it - but wanted one last ditch effort to see if it is a configuration thing. I have a pretty powerful machine - brand new just set it up: Dell G5 5090 2020 9th Gen Intel Octa-Core i7-9700 up to 4.7GHz I 32GB 1TB PCIe SSD 2TB HDD I GTX 1660 Ti 6GB WiFi USB-C HDMI Win 10 In summary - when looking at still images in the surrounding VR area - they seem to jump when looking around. For example when "The Lab" is loaded,
  9. Just an update on this thread - our family room remodel is done and I mounted at about 12 ft high and 12 ft apart and it works awesome !! Very pleased. i recall someone telling me the base stations should be about 7-8 high and at least 7ft apart - so that is why I was concerned it may not work. - I don’t know where I heard that from https://twitter.com/retrogameboyz/status/1286849746569658370?s=21 Thanks for the info!
  10. Agree - Best Buy sold me this awesome gaming ($2K+) computer with my VIVE - worked really well - BUT now I can't go wireless because I don't have any room for the card. I am on my 3rd tethered cable BTW that thing gets kinked beyond belief - son playing Climby is the real culprit. Your suggestions are well received - I hope they listen.
  11. Hi there - I have the original HTC VIVE and love it - we are having a new family room built - BUT the ceilings are much higher 10 1/2 - 16 ft (vaulted) - I am considering putting outlets in the ceilings for the base stations - I assume flush mounted with the provided bracket will be too high and I really don't want to use long down rods to the required height. So - If my assumption is correct where they would be too high to function correctly - does anyone know if future VIVEs will require base stations? If Base Stations are essentially eliminated then I don't need to put the outlets in the c
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