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  1. Just an update on this thread - our family room remodel is done and I mounted at about 12 ft high and 12 ft apart and it works awesome !! Very pleased. i recall someone telling me the base stations should be about 7-8 high and at least 7ft apart - so that is why I was concerned it may not work. - I don’t know where I heard that from https://twitter.com/retrogameboyz/status/1286849746569658370?s=21 Thanks for the info!
  2. Agree - Best Buy sold me this awesome gaming ($2K+) computer with my VIVE - worked really well - BUT now I can't go wireless because I don't have any room for the card. I am on my 3rd tethered cable BTW that thing gets kinked beyond belief - son playing Climby is the real culprit. Your suggestions are well received - I hope they listen.
  3. Hi there - I have the original HTC VIVE and love it - we are having a new family room built - BUT the ceilings are much higher 10 1/2 - 16 ft (vaulted) - I am considering putting outlets in the ceilings for the base stations - I assume flush mounted with the provided bracket will be too high and I really don't want to use long down rods to the required height. So - If my assumption is correct where they would be too high to function correctly - does anyone know if future VIVEs will require base stations? If Base Stations are essentially eliminated then I don't need to put the outlets in the ceilings, as I will just buy the latest model when it comes out. I ask this because I also have an Oculus Quest which does not require base stations for room scale as the cameras are built into the headset. Thoughts? P.S. I did send HTC a support request as well but figured I'd check in with the community. Thanks
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