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  1. Clearing environment data changes nothing. And while the controllers bugged out yesterday's session aswell, it happened in-game, and the trigger button worked properly after they re-paired. Changing batteries does not seem to work for this issue. I haven't seen any other person on the forums mention this issue, so it's either that my controllers are internally broken (fell on the carpet a few times) or the mirror in my environment is causing this issue. There's also the possibility of a loose battery connection, but the controller wouldn't turn itself back on when it looses electrical power for a moment or two, so i guess that's not it. I'll send you a trace number regardless, please also check into the USB 3.0 issue too, it could have some relation to this.
  2. As far as my room setup goes, i do have an uncovered mirror. It's not reflecting the controllers at the time they disconnect, but i'll just put it down just in case. One or both controllers constantly keep disconnecting and reconnecting while i play. What i'm saying is that the controller goes into the blinking mode and either doesn't come back at all, or it gets recognized again after a painful 10 seconds or so. The patterns so far: 1. Randomly disconnects and reconnects during play 2. After any disconnection, when the controller comes back alive and i happen to press the trigger button, in that exact instant it goes back into the "blinking" mode for some seconds. Any other button is fine, but it seems that there's something about the trigger button that, well, "Triggers" the issue. 3. Sometimes the controllers also refuse to connect with the headset after changing the batteries, they get stuck in pairing forever. This issue fixes itself when i insert another new pair of batteries, other times when i reboot my PC. 4. Sometimes they disconnect after pulling up SteamVR's in-game dashboard. I have no idea what this is from. I disconnected my PS4 controller and also shut down the PS4 controller's software so it can't be that. I also reset the headset, and the issue didn't go away after i reset my windows 10 PC either. It could be the mirror, SteamVR, or the controllers inherently glitching out from their own hardware? There's also the issue where the vive software keeps asking me to connect to a USB 3.0 port even though i do have the USBs connected to a 3.0 port. I tried looking this issue up on the forums but i ultimately didn't know what to do. While i did try to cover up the mirror, it's a big mirror that needs more preparation to properly cover up 100% so i lazily half-cover it most of the time.
  3. The headphones that come with the cosmos refuse to stay on my ears as they keep clicking and pulling away from my ears whenever i move my head a bit heavily (beat saber, ect). Is there a way to adjust the screws on these headphones so that it takes more force to open/close the clasp so that it doesn't keep accidentally un-setting themselves from my ears?
  4. Apologies if this is a repetitive topic. I don't mind waiting a bit more for patches, but i'm stuck with a Cosmos that i cannot return (store wont accept refund unless it's a glaring defect.). Hands on the side - drift. Hands behind my back - drift. Controllers near my face - drift. Controllers behind each other - drift It seems like a hardware issue, doesn't it? There's only so much you can do without external tracking, right? As much as i'd love to be hopeful, i think it's just starting to get to me. I feel immensely frustrated and now i'm just sitting here wondering if i'm in denial or something. I just refunded a boxing game because the tracking kept glitching out. I can't think of a shooter because apparently you can't aim with 2 hands without the farther controller drifting away. If it's all software, then exactly what kind of realistic solution is there to fix this? Consider that the headset tracks the controller based on the light, then how exactly will it ever correctly see a controller that's blocked off by another one? let alone behind your back. I can't help but feel that i just screwed myself over big time, and that getting all this fixed would be nothing short of a miracle too far into the distance.
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