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  1. This is the look I am going for, whether the dots are back-lit or from an external source.
  2. @stvnxu Here's the prototype setup. It's not bright at all, despite what the pictures show. The room is about as dim as it would be when I am having problems. I would describe this beast as: cumbersome yet delicate. The wiring on the mesh LED netting is not reliable, and has been pulled apart and required repair during modifications on several occasions. It serves it's purpose well, but the issue I have with it is that it blocks my monitor and streaming camera, as well as my keyboard. I hope to make version 2 with a number of changes. Revision 1: No PVC, instead use cardboard (on two sides) covered with black construction paper. Ideally this would be a vinyl material for a final product. Holes will go in the cardboard/construction paper "shell" and behind that will be a semi-transparent white paper/vinyl. Inside this "shell" will be a distributed lighting source, in which the shell holes will become lit "dots", mimicking positioning targets for a 3D scan. Allow a cut through on the bottom for the keyboard and peripherals. I am currently clipping a towel to the PVC, so the cardboard/vinyl shell will be solid so as not to require this "wall". The purpose of this is to preserve the grid and prevent any light from bleeding into the room. Revision 2: Instead of using the shell method, use a black material to make a 120 degree black wall, placing 3D positioning stickers on the wall. The stickers will need to be lit with something, whether on the wall itself or on the user's head.
  3. Thanks @Klayburn, this is just a prototype, I hope to build something more attractive after I get the features and functionality where I want them with this one.
  4. @stvnxu Working on the collapsible part now, the guy at the hardware store screwed up one of my fittings, so I couldn't finish it last night. I'll be getting what I need to finish it tonight and I'll take some pictures to post. I am playing Dirt Rally 2.0, and IL-2 (WWII flight & combat simulator). I have Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2, but rally racing has my heart. For sit down gaming, the Cosmos has been the absolute best solution, especially with the flip up feature. I have watched reviews on other headsets, and to be honest, nothing else compares. This was the perfect middle ground for screen resolution, quality, and features.
  5. Modifying this to be collapsible (something I didn't consider greatly in the original plans)
  6. This worked really well actually, albeit ugly since I built it using PVC for prototyping purposes. 90° viewing angle at 34" of width at 24" high. Used LED mesh lighting for wrapping around trees, with dim option. Only one layer of LED lighting to have a clean grid. Used material as back drop to prevent light from bleeding into the room any more than it needed to. The Cosmos actually seemed to love this setup for seated play, and I was able to capture my grid/play area faster than a fully lit room with no grid. Hope this helps, I'll post pictures if anyone wants to see it. EDIT: Just for reference, this was three panels designed to fit on top of my corner desk. The center panel is 24" x 24", and the side panels are 23" x 24". They fold out 45° or 135°, depending how you look at it. /---\ (sort of like this) In short, if the lighting is not sufficient for a room, the Cosmos will adapt if it is just provided with points of light for reference.
  7. What about setting up an LED light mesh, like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Dimmable-Controller-Tree-wrap-Christmas/dp/B07NV95Y61/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=LED+mesh+lights&qid=1582829128&sr=8-5 It might have to be held up with something, but if you are playing in a room where someone is demanding low light (significant other, likely), then I would think the system could map this and understand it as your environment. This is particularly if you are sitting at a desk like I am playing flying and driving simulators. I am going to order it and test, and report back. I'll take pictures of my set up and document any steps take
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