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  1. Ok I uploaded the logs, I have tried now in four different environments to setup room scale. Brightly lit at night, dimly lit at night, brightly lit during the day, and normally lit during the day. I thought perhaps it was the lighting, but that seems not to be the case. The Room is set outside of my setup room scale area. I can't play at all. Trace No: 20200215212425
  2. I have done as you suggested and now I have a different issue. My play area floats out of my living room, and the floor is off by about a meter and a half. I am unable to test the controller issue right now as I can not play. I tried resetting the play area 4 times last night a rerun the chaperone and room definition and each time it does the same thing. Feels like a hardware issue to me.
  3. Yeah my headset is having weird issues as well, I had a similar crash to yours. And now room scale is all messed up. I'm half way into the floor and the room is half outside of my play area. Several resets and other things later no fix in sight. IMO it's a pi$$ poor hardware design that lacks the fundamental technology to be a functioning VR HMD head set.
  4. Are you actually asking people that paid $1k for a gaming device to take time off it because they were sold an unfinished product? "Hey here is a car, I know you paid $20k for it and it's supposed to drive, but it doesn't yet. You see the primary function that you paid for, doesn't quite work." Sorry but no! I will spread the truth about this HMD all over the internet. And the truth is, this device is not finished and broken. Everyone should know about this, and they will. I'm even prepping a YouTube review about it and going to post it all over social media.
  5. I was aware of it as well, but I did not think it was as bad as it is. I was looking at reviews of the tracking and people seemed to be able to play VR bow/arrow games without issue on ...9.6. That is not my experience however, when I do play bow and arrow games the controller tracking is lost on the side of the headset and it starts to drift through me, eventually ending up on the other side of my face. I'm going to record this happening this weekend, via OBS and an external camera.
  6. I have done all of the above, except going to beta then back to stable. I will try that.
  7. I'm not satisfied, it's not fixed, alpha product at best the way it is right now. Go play the original HTC VIVE that's a finished product, it can accurately track you in 3d space without lag or drift.
  8. Yeah and this beta version is terrible. It has worse tracking than 9.6. I'm not here to have a winge, I'm here to criticise the development practices of a company that released a product that wasn't finished. Like I said beta culture, and comments like yours are proof of that. I for one, when I pay $1K for a device expect it to work. Maybe this is your first foray in to VR, but it's not mine. I know what I should expect of a finished product. Also having an Engineering background, and having developed a device that uses optical tracking, I put in my $0.02 in regards to where I see the product going, which is nowhere.
  9. I can tell you that bow and arrow games do not work at all, boxing games do not work at all either. I'm not sure why there are such mixed results with the tracking, however maybe it's my exposure to base station VR tracking and expectations in what tracking should actually be. Having said this I notice a lot of lag in tracking with this HMD, and a lot of drift, so much so that the games become unplayable.
  10. It's not a good headset, it's a terrible headset. It fails to perform the primary function it was designed to do, it's not usable for anything. It will track you properly for 10 min then decide to have a seizure. Room is too bright: "Oooops sorry we can't track you." Room is too dark: "Oooops sorry we can't track you." Room is just right: "Ooops sorry we can't track you." Also there is so much lag compared to other headsets when it comes to tracking. Cosmos is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to VR HMDs, the Quest is better than this, because at least with the quest you can play games and it tracks you properly. I think HTC shot themselves in the foot when they put those sub par cameras in the device for tracking. This is why you see ebay full of these HMDs. Mine is collecting dust right now because it is utterly useless for VR game play. I can guarantee you that it will be in the trash come summer because there is nothing outside of using base station tracking that will fix the horrid design HTC decided upon when going with optical tracking. And if I'm going to use base station tracking, I will be buying an Index, waiting on that to come back into stock.
  11. Batteries are not low, I put in fresh batteries. I have to pair the controllers after the Headset goes blank for about 30 seconds. Nope, they are not working correctly at all.
  12. It has not been resolved, I'm not going back to the beta the tracking does not work in
  13. I'm tired of being a beta tester for these multi million dollar corporations. When I buy something I expect it work out of the box, period. It's funny how today the kids are willing to pay for an unfinished product. What's with all this beta culture, beta males, and beta testers. Unfortunately I don't think HTC will be able to nail this down, due to the fundamental nature of the headset tracking, optical vs IR. If they wanted optical tracking they would have put in higher res and higher frame rate cameras. I would love for someone to do a tear down and prove me wrong, but I don't think these cameras get even close to 90hz+ which is what would be required to do proper optical tracking as you need to sample the image 90 times plus a second to get accurate tracking and reflect this inside the VR world. Actually you would need a camera that is capable of a higher refresh rate than 90hz to accommodate signal and processing time, and have this reflect properly in the VR world. I think this is why there is so much controller and headset drift when tracking.
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