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  1. Hello All, So the closure to this topic, if anyone ever finds it having similar problem. I returned the headset to my local retailer who sent it on the producer's warranty to local HTC distributor's service. It spent there 3 weeks but they fixed it and returned it to me. Didn't say what was broken, but I've been using it for over a week since and it works. So turns out this was indeed some hardware issue apparently. Anyways, I still consider buying Cosmos a great mistake, especially now that they released the Cosmos Elite version without the light tracking. I'm very afraid that Cosmos experiment will be forgotten very soon, swept under the carpet and lose it's support. If that happens, I'm afraid Vive will never see me as a customer again...
  2. Well I am still lurking here. The guy above who blabla'd me put me off, but I guess some update here would be nice - I don't see solution in the other topic as well. So the support revewed the logs and advised this may be indeed hardware issue but they need the headset returned for inspection. So I returned it at the retailer on customer guarantee couple days ago. Wondering what's next. Who knows, maybe they will ship it to ROMANIA REGENERSIS. 🤨🤨🤨
  3. And I repeat... if they delivered me faulty hardware that stopped working not even a month into using it, I am not having it fixed, and definitely not out of my pocket. I am protected by customer law and they are going to refund or replace it completely with a new one (although honestly soon it will be longer that I deal with the customer support than I had fun with this device, so I am not really sure I even want to have it anymore, it was terrible mistake to buy it).
  4. Ok, I am losing hope now. Can't even get this to work, even after reset it either crashes immediately during the room setup or can't detect controllers even then, making it impossible to progress to anything. I noticed that "room scanning" takes much longer than it used to in first days of using it, is it possible that one of the cameras went down and it's causing all these issues? Customer support only sent me procedure how to pull the Steam VR logs and Vive Console logs and asked me to send it to them, which funny enough I already attached to my initial request I sent them! I wonder if they even read it or am I only getting copy-paste from the scripts! It's getting ridiculous and I am losing my nerve here with this headset. @C.T. @jagibson
  5. No, sorry, what I mean if LCD broke after 2 weeks of using this, I am not paying a dime to get it fixed but send it back on a warranty to either get a new one or my money back. Got a response from tech support advising to remove USB devices in developer settings in Steam VR and check for firmware updates. First solution did not help, and my firmware is up to date... Asked them for other options...
  6. Well I am not going to be fixing this on my own. I set up technical support ticket also and shared the logs, if that's confirmed to be hardware issue, I am returning this on producer's warranty... @Synthesis
  7. Yup, I know. I always tried USB 3.0 and it's a dedicated port in my PC, nothing else uses it. Besides, I tested other devices attached to that port and no issues with them.
  8. Attaching logs from Steam VR. Can't get it to run properly today at all, it crashes at room setup after the reset. Example crash happened at 11:56. Maybe admins/technicians can read the reason out of the logs. SteamVR-2020-02-02-AM_11_57_55.txt
  9. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any other cables. I did check for lose connections several times and plugged/unplugged them. I don't see any issues with them visually. I tried multiple USB ports also. Yeah, sorry if that wasn't clear in my first post, but I did try it, and it's actually helping to regain tracking of my controllers. It's tedious though, and only helps for some time (with tracking issues that I did not experience before), then it all happens again after some time.
  10. Hi, so I had pretty good time with my Vive Cosmos for the first two weeks I had it. Tracking was great, games run smooth, VR paradise. Now something happened few days ago. During a Beat Saber session the view started slowly rotating (floating) up then it went all white and crashed. My PC made a noise as if a device was unplugged, then plugged in. The vision shortly returned, but the controllers, despite being turned on, did not react to tracking at all. Buttons still worked but I could not even see "my hands" in the VR. Both Console and Steam VR showed "No tracking" for both controllers. Tried restarting Steam, then Console, then PC - nothing worked. What helped was resetting the device through console settings, but after I did that I couldn't stop the feeling that something is off. My "VR" hands were randomly floating, moving when not moved, "sinking into my body" etc - in other words, tracking started being worse than before. I told myself it's only in my head and had few more sessions, unfortunately, it happened again - this time when watching Youtube via Gizmo VR. Same thing that earlier - rotating up, white screen, unplug sound, controllers lost. Ended up having to reset again... I tried experimenting with stuff such as checking Steam VR files integrity, adding myself to beta to have the beta drivers downloaded, playing with the lighting in my room, changing the batteries in my controllers... And it just keeps happening every day at some point, ruining the experience. Maybe I could live with it, but the "bad tracking" that out of sudden came with it and is experienced even when controllers are detected is really an issue, makes most of the games not playable. Again, I read a lot about issues with tracking in Cosmos, but mine used to run great for the first 2 weeks I had it (I thought the soft was updated since all the bad reviews) so I don't think this is just the headset, something happened out of sudden. Anyone has any ideas what's going on?
  11. Ok, I found player called Gizmo VR in Steam Store (free) and it was exactly what I was looking for. I hope Cosmos controller gets mapped to it at some point, but I have no big trouble using it to what I need. I hope it helps folks looking for it in the future.
  12. Well, it feels so from reading the internet. But I only bought it now, after they apparently patched it few times. Internet is full from the disappointed reviews back from October, it's really difficult to find some new opinions but it really works. My experience before was with Vive Pro in a local VR cafe, and changing to Cosmos the experience is practically the same for me. I still have issues with stuff like Angry Birds, where you use slingshot and it's terrible at telling trajectory when you hold both controllers in front of you (I hope that's getting fixed at some point). But in Beat Saber it works as needed.
  13. I am looking for a solution to be able to browse internet via Vive Cosmos, specifically want to be able to access Youtube's VR resources. For some reason, FIrefox Reality can not be installed on this device (how come? are there plans to support this?). Has anyone figured it out already? There are couple apps in the Viveport that promise this, but all of them turned out super inconvenient or not even supported by the controllers. Bonus question: are there any good apps in Viveport with travel videos, such as city tours with a guide? Used to enjoy them on my Gear VR with Samsung Smartphone, try do find something similar here, there's just so much poor quality noise it's hard to find one valuable.
  14. I bought it (Vive Cosmos) almost solely for Beat Saber, and it did not disappoint me. No tracking issues at all.
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