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  1. you mean my computer case ?
  2. yeah still doing it 😞 i didnt fix it. my specs are CPU: intel i7-6850K GPU:rtx 2080TI Ram: 32 GB. ive tryed beat saber, portal stories vr, and BoneWorks. it seems like everytime i open up a game windows crashing or sometimes its when i open up VIVE wireless on my computer.
  3. yeah tethred was fine, i think i fix it, i played like over 30 minutes now, so idk what was wrong. just need to test it some more 😛
  4. there is no update for windows update and the sfc /scannow says Windows Resource protection did not find any integrity violations.
  5. Hey i got a vive wireless for my cosmos last night, after 5-10m of play time, i get an blue screen errror could anyone help me ?.
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