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  1. Hah! That is strange .. I read in a VIVE Thread here in regards to the Headset somthing about XHCi Modes ( https://www.vive.com/eu/support/vive-pro-hmd/category_howto/headset-not-detected-due-to-usb-issue.html ) " Make sure that VIVE Pro devices connect via a USB xHCI port rather than to a port from a specific manufacturer, which might have a compatibility issue with VIVE Pro. " While finding out/googling more about the XHCi Mode i found this https://superuser.com/questions/480045/what-does-the-bios-setting-xhci-pre-boot-mode-do So i checked my BIOS and changed the settings from XHCI Mode = Enabled to XHCI Mode = (Smart) Auto and now .. That error is gone and the Dual Cams can be used. Happy me!
  2. Thanks very much, but before i dive deeper into the SDK, are more usernoobfriendly help/solution would be great. Right now i have mixed feelings if that all is a software bug or a hardware issue ..
  3. Just received my Vive pro yesterday and the setup was flawless and without problems. The controllers and the HMD was updated by STEAM VR to their latest firmware - so all looked fine. But while playing around with the Chaperone, i noticed that my Dual Front Cameras are not working or at least can not be enabled. I always get a "Camera Communication Error" in STEAM VR when testing the CAM So here is the setup and description for everything. All the info is also provided with the attached screenshots. I am using Win10 64 BIT ( win10_1909_build_18363.535) and STEAM VR Version 1.9.16 Windows Device Manager shows the Vive Pro Multimedia Camera (Driver Version 10.0.18362.1 dated 21.06.2006) and the device has the VID/PID 0BB4&PID_030E and it is connected to a USB 3 SuperSpeed Port. I also disabled the power management for this port (as instructed in the VIVE online documentation) The Windows USB Drivers for the SS USB Hubs are up-to-date (Version 10.0.18362.1 dated 18.03.2019) Also attached is the LOG File from the STEAM VR Developer module. I also checked the Windows 10 Privacy Settings for Cameras (everything enabled but no special entry for Vive or Steam can be found there) but to make sure, i tested if the cam is visible/available to other windows applications. And yes, the cam gets detected as a device in e.g. Corel Video Studio but i could not capture something - but that could be normal/OK. So, what can be done or are there any tools or progs where i can test/see if the cam is just "dead" or if that is only a Software issue, or any things i could try in addition? Best regards and TY for all help - much appreciated. Steam_VR_LOG.txt
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