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  1. Fixing problems in specific games has a good chance to fix similar problems in other similar games. The driver doesn't know what game is running, it just does things in a way that can benefit (or break) all games sharing mentioned mechanics. Fixing rifles in Arizona Sunshine will probably fix rifles in Pavlov, assuming the grips are positioned the same.
  2. I second that, and that would also fix the issue of the popup appearing after accidentally hitting the knob or moving the head too fast. I think the cross-hair thing might be more useful if there were more bars closer to the outer corners, because at the moment, it's easy to get the right focus for the middle, but much harder to find a setting that also doesn't make the sides too blurry. Anyways, although being able to hide the panel completely would be appreciated feature, it would still be nice to have a 3rd option: keep only the "##.## mm" setting displayed somewhere more discreet (at the bottom/top?) so it's easy to find the right setting again after someone else used the headset with a different IPD
  3. That was a quick response, thanks! I tried the language change, it worked fine, including in the HMD 🙂 While testing, it made me realize that the title issue in the Lens menu is also there in english. Someone inadvertently applied the title for "Display mode" where "[Sound] Volume" should be. I was also glad to see that the forward direction setting was correctly remembered on the newly opened VR sesssion. That doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot less time wasted resetting it everytime I want to play 😄 What doesn't seem correctly remembered though is the volume setting, I have no idea when it started and whether it's more a SteamVR issue, as I wasn't physically able to try any update for the past 2 months 😕
  4. Coming back from a little BeatSaver session, and noticed that the French translation for the first title/label on the Lens menu is wrong: it's a duplicate of the next title and completely unrelated to the coressponding option. Messed up translations are a big part of why I insist on being able to choose the display language :X I suppose it's just a copy-paste mistake made by a poor overworked developer (as a developer myself, I can relate!) and actually that's what betas are for, so now you know 🙂 To end on a more positive note: the floor and forward settings in the Lens menu are a very welcome feature! I haven't yet tested if it's kept between VR sessions, but not having to rely on the OpenVR Advanced Settings add-on to fix positioning is a major improvement already 😄
  5. I like how the updates improved on things so far, thanks for trying a lot. But is it just me or it now enforces local language on every piece of software? I might be French and geographically in France, but my Windows is set to English (the way I like my computer stuff to be) and for some reason, since this update, everything was translated to French. It's nice for those who like it better that way, but could you please add an option to override the language somewhere? Thanks 😆 It may seem counter-intuitive but I'm lost when my software is translated, especially when I have to read tricks and workarounds online, and then find out I have to guess in what weird French terminology it was turned into
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