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  1. It's bad The least they could do is tell us the release date of the external tracking mod. I'll be returning my cosmos next week if there's no announcement or release about fixing things to where they should be. Tired of waiting around with such crappy tracking. The last beta firmware was 2 step backwards which doesn't exactly inspire confidence and patience to say the least. That and folks in another thread made a pretty convincing argument that the tracking may be so bad due to a hardware limitation- because the cameras use visible light to track the controllers instead of IR. No bueno if that's actually true. Looking at Rift S or ideally index
  2. Smh What a shame, besides the tracking I love everything about this headset. Looks like I will be returning it next week. Wop wop
  3. Looks like a good beta release to skip....
  4. I misread, thought that it was $150 for a pair of base stations and for some reason read the price on steam for knuckles as $250. I did notice that the index stuff is out of stock until March or April which stinks, but it's also a good barometer of what people are more than willing to pay looking at the scalper prices on ebay. Index sets are going for 1500+ right now. Ludicrous, but also a sign that if HTC were to come in with a $600-800 upgrade kit with specs to match it would still sell like crazy. I would think they would need some kind of finger tracking controller though. Most other sets have this feature and the Vive wands are pretty antiquated. The Cosmos controllers I do like, but they are not going to be compatible with the lighthouse upgrade afaik
  5. If it's what has been hinted at by HTC, it would be $200 mod... then $150 for 2 lighthouses + $250 for knuckles, so $600 total. <$200 mod that makes the cosmos one of the best performing HMD's on the market and compatible with SteamVR tracking.... Okay maybe it won't sell like water... More like hotcakes!
  6. Aw, no tracking updates? 😓 Same boat- my window closes on Jan 28th. If there's still no fix for tracking nor announcement/release for the external tracking mod by then, I'm baby
  7. Seconding this! Hoping something like that is announced when the cosmos' external tracking mod is released
  8. If made to be just half decent with finger tracking, these would sell like crazy... Look at the demand for Index controllers.
  9. OP +1 Finger tracking controllers / gloves would be amazeballs. It's readily going to become industry standard Take my money!
  10. People are going to be buying the external tracking mod like water lol I hope it's released asap! We are so thirsty!
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