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  1. No more money for you HTC.
  2. In my country, everything is expensive. Especially technologic products. In a multiplication, Euro equals 6,5 times to my country's money currency. So, HTC has officialy announced Vive COSMOS and I bought it. But at what cost? A tracking system they can't fix at 3 months. Also it is so expensive but why do I think it is waste of money? Because I think it is not capable the other VR products. (Tracking, communication) But I still have hope. Patiently I will wait the day HTC fixing the all issues of the Cosmos. Please HTC Team, do a surprise!
  3. Hey guys, I've been using my Cosmos since 3 weeks, my headphones were working but my microphone was not. But now I can't hear anything or play Pavlov VR because my microphone doesn't work and can't roleplay to do it. If you can help me, i'd really appreciate.
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