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  1. when I start eye calibration, The headset not move in first position. In addition if headset in the frame, I can't go next stage (IPD value). When I click hand controller menu button to go home and click again Vive Pro Eye button twice, SRruntime is overlapping performance. @Corvus
  2. Also I can't see this window in steamVR when I click the vive pro eye. I just see image on top what I post (Adjust headset image.) @Daniel_Y @zzy @Corvus
  3. Hello I bought vive pro eye to do eye tracking at unity. But, when I start eye tracking calibration in steamVR. adjust the headset up and down to fit the frame. Even if the headset up and down, the image does not change. and I can't go next step...just stop ; - ; In addition, the camera in SRruntime is not recognized. (And I connect my vive port to graphics card connected to the monitor.) I reinstall several times after deleting all the program(steamVR, SRruntime, etc,,,). SteamVR also 'Camera communication failed.' I think it is a problem with the headset recognition or camera recognition. No matter how many time I search, I can't get the result. Please help me,,, T ^ T (I'm already do this : ) I'm using the following desktop computer: GeForce Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB VRAM Intel Core i5-4670 CPU 16 GB RAM Windows 10 pro (64bit)
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