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  1. My experience with NMS VR, is motion sickness going through the roof!
  2. Yeah I've felt a huge improvement with the latest beta, even in other games. My issue with reloading is not the tracking. It's literally a physical issue. The controllers' light domes smack into eachother when you try to slide the chamber, so you're never able to actually physically reach it. You have to contort your hands in weird positions to sort of reach it. And in the heat of the battle you keep forgetting about it since you can't physically see them. It makes me go all "AAARGH!!!"
  3. Exactly. The HMD on its own is just perfect in my eyes. I can wear it for hours with 0 complaints.
  4. OK just spent a couple of hours on Alyx, and by god it's good. Also zero VR "exhaustion" after 2-3 hours, and I only stopped cos the zombies were freaking me out a bit >_< Image is crisp and clear on the Cosmos, and head tracking is perfect. Controllers can be a bit moody here and there, but 95% of the time they're 100% playable. I only have 1 complaint tho (you can call it two kinda) .... reloading the gun! Man these controllers make it stressful. 1) Getting the mag from over your shoulder sometimes throws the tracking completely out of whack, and of course always ha
  5. With base stations comes accuracy. God knows how a lot of us are praying for the tracking plate to come out so we can actually use bases! I wouldn't know buddy. I have no problems in Elite personally with the Cosmos. From experience I know the Oculus is HORRIBLE with glasses. The only other VR's I ever tried was the good old Vive, and the Cosmos. And I love the Cosmos for its screen, resolution and comfort. It would be perfect if they every solved the controller issues,
  6. I had that at the beginning, ESPECIALLY with Elite Dangerous. 1) Make sure you are wearing it correctly. It's very easy to way it too high or too low and throw everything out of whack. 2) Remember to check your IPD setting with the little knob on the side. 3) Glasses. If you are short sighted and need glasses during daily life, you need to wear glasses in VR. While most games played great, I kept having focus problems in Elite Dangerous and everything was a blur, especially when reading the side screens in your spaceship. In the end, the problem was my eyesight. I went
  7. So, I have decided to try and love my Cosmos despite all its problems. I cannot return it, Vive won't accept it either since it wasn't bought directly from them - so I decided to make do with what I have. If I brush aside the tracking issues (which I hope they keep getting work on, and not forgotten because of the Elite) - I actually love its comfort and visuals. So my question is .... what did you guys find to be the best lighting setup to minimise tracking errors, and avoid that all-annoying dark environment popup? I'm using artificial light as daylight in my nerd-cave
  8. Have you considered a complete upgrade kit for existing base Cosmos customers at a reasonable price? I don't mind having to send proof of purchase or something.
  9. Yeah I love how perfect glasses fit in the whole thing. The Oculus smashed my glasses into my face, so much I could feel my eye lashes touching the lenses and left a mark on my nosebridge
  10. Through personal experience. If you are short sighted, and use glasses to function in everyday life, you're gonna need glasses in VR. Without them everything is a blur. So much that after getting the Cosmos, I realised I wasn't focusing properly, and got my prescription revised at an optician. Perfect vision in VR ever since. I actually bought a Cosmos cos it was the only headset that would feel comfortable with my glasses on. I tried a friend's Oculus and the experience with glasses was genuinely horrible. Edit: I kan spel gud
  11. What did you guys do to setup the controllers? I only played it for like 15 mins and just explored around the apartment - but finger control seems to be only to make a fist. Of course I'm not expecting finger tracking like an Index, but only 1 button seems to do anything. Maybe i'm missing something?
  12. Not shitstorming - just voicing my concerns on a product that was not cheap, and yet my arms still flail about the second I go 2 millimeters out of where camera expects them to be. Is it repairable? I'm hopeful, as everyone says Rift's tracking was as bad when it came out, and they managed to get it fixed. But when I think that for a little more I could have gotten an Index, which everyone is hailing as close to perfect as one can get for this generation, then yes I do start feeling cheated.
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