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  1. Ok, it works when i remove WaveSDK Thanks for your help.
  2. Ok thx, I will test @chengnay
  3. I have 3.0.2 WaveSDK version
  4. Ok, I have : WaveVR_Simulator, libwvrDistortion, wvr_client, wvr_ime_client, wvr_permission_client, wvr_resindicator, wvr_unity_plugin, wvr_unity_plugin_2017 Oculus Android package I said crash because the application displays the Unity logo and 2 seconds later i am in the Oculus menu and i don't have logs. In XR Settings I only have Oculus SDK
  5. Hello, I have a project running under focus+ with ViveInputUtility and trying to build with Oculus Quest, application crash. I have the Oculus Android Package, API lvl 23, the manifest below and i would like to know if there is a manipulation that i forgot to do. Thanks in advance to those who will read this message. AndroidManifest.xml @chengnay @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
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