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  1. @Corvus Thank you for your reply. Is it on the road-map to have it shown within Unity or by a recorder? I have tested the VR view before and had the feeling it put additional load on my system. Could you also confirm about the language? Is there a possibility to change the language? Or do I need to do this from Steam or any other place?
  2. Is it possible to spectate during the eye calibration from HTC? I use Unity and start the eye calibration by calling SRanipal_Eye_API.LaunchEyeCalibration() the HTC Eye Calibration is neither visible from the Unity game window nor being picked up from a screen recorder like unity recorder v2. I would like/I need to help participants (especially children!) during the calibration step, and it would be great if I can see what they see. It is also possible to change the language that the eye calibration screen uses programmatically? Thanks, @Corvus @Daniel_Y @zzy
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