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  1. Thank you for help guys, everything now seem to be ok (but my Vive Console version is DEMO).
  2. Thank you guys for tips but after I added lights problem still remains (now im sure my enviroment is well lit). I also Cleared enviroment information and Reseted headset and settings.. Scanning is still at 0% .. Here is Trace No of last log : 20200107083932 .
  3. It's not lit very well but i played with this light setup month ago and it worked pretty allright.
  4. Thank you for quick response. Yes, I restarted computer and link box and "Scanning" is still at 0%. I have reported that issue already.
  5. Hi folks ! When I run Room setup and pull triggers, i need to scan my surroundings. My problem is that "Scanning" is stuck at 0% no matter where i look. It happened after last update (approx 2 hours ago) and I can't continue. Help me please
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