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  1. Using a custom application we developed for safety training, we are experiencing low fps (max 22 min 15) only using Comos and not using Oculus. The hw is Ryzen 7 3800XT/RTX 3070 for Cosmos testing, i9 10850k/GTX 1080 Ti for Oculus. Cosmos will be the hw provided to our customer, Oculus was used as a comparison since our senior developer is used to this also. PC using Oculus is dedicated for the customer and the project, so no bloated with other things. Using latest Nvidia drivers on both side (Cosmos and Oculus), no reprojection or anything. Interacting with support so far didn't bring any specific useful hint, since time is running out wanted to ask also for public advice to speedup troubleshooting if possible.
  2. I have a behavior I can't understand: since some weeks (I can't track down exactly when started) opening the VIVE Console I'm asked if I want to enable OpenXR on my Cosmos (se attached picture, don't consider the error just opened the console without the headset attached to show the OpenXR popup). I never opt for the specific beta release, se attached second image about my Console release. Wanted to ask where this message is coming from and if there is any way to uninstall any OpenXR related stuff (the app we have developed is using SteamVR and the engine we are using didn't support OpenXR so far).
  3. I have a behavior I can't understand: since some weeks (I can't track down exactly when started) opening the VIVE Console I'm asked if I want to enable OpenXR on my Cosmos (se attached picture, don't consider the error just opened the console without the headset attached to show the OpenXR topic). I never opt for the specific beta release, se attached second image about my Console release. Since I'm troubleshooting a performance problem with a custom application that might be related to VIVE usage I wanted to ask where this message is coming from and if there is any way to uninstall any OpenXR related stuff (the app we have developed is using SteamVR).
  4. Discovered the problem, was not using the correct UE level, so now is working fine
  5. Using the standard Cosmos and testing with UE 4.25 and 4.26 I can enter in VR but no controller is shown. Just using UE provided VR test template (arriving here as troubleshooting step for another UE-based VR app) I can move using a standard joypad, instead the controllers didn't show up and clicking any button didn't make any difference. SteamVR plugin is enabled, Cosmos is added in various Action Mappings and Axis Mappings, Controller bindings was regenerated, I tried to attach a MotionController to SkeletalMeshComponent, with no luck. There is a specific problem btw Cosmos and UE4? I didn't have other headsets to test on.
  6. @HackPerception thanks for this. To better understand, the controllers are tracked only using the headset cameras, so that only optical features are usable? Was thinking that if they are using also some kind of other tracking system that can be influenced from magnetic field this can be also a problem with a big metal mass nearby. If it's only feature extraction tracking I will attach to the wall bigger A4 sized printings of some codes (better kind of QR code or big simple geometric shape are better?) . Curtains are in fact black window shutters so that need not to be a problem. Also to avoid reflections from the metallic structure I can maybe strap all of it with opaque scotch tape if you agree.
  7. For a project we are using a treadmill as in the image and Vive Cosmos. To improve headset tracking I closed widows curtains and attached stickers to the wall, set up the room staying on the treadmill so that the headset can setup his reference points. Seems to work well. What I have problems are the controllers that often loose tracking, even if they are just in front of me and not occluded from the treadmill structure. Wondering if this does have something to do with the treadmill or we can improve this in some way.
  8. Yes with beta release motion compensation it's available
  9. As in the title we are developing a customer project based on Cosmos and wanted to have a try to motion compensation in case we will need it. The Vive Console told me cannot enabled due the fact our graphics card didn't support this feature. In the guide is written will be available for any Nvidia card better than GTX 1060, so that I'm wondering if there is anything else I need to consider to test it. Latest Nvidia driver is installed.
  10. @C.T. done, using a new account since testing a brand new Cosmos to be used for a project.
  11. All is working fine for my in and out VR testing sessions, but after a while the Vive console show there is an error (! icon) and controllers start having problems in pairing (sometimes is possible some others not). In the worst case I need to restart Vive console, not a problem for me but a problem doing demos with customers. Attached the logs, will be good being able to track down the problem. @C.T. viveVRHelper_20210115.txt vrcompositor_20210115.txt vrserver_20210115.txt
  12. Since about a month the left controller first refused to connect, after using the reconnect feature connect but after few min disconnect. The right controller work fine. Swapped the batteries with new just recharged, firmware the latest one not beta. Any suggested path to check what's going on.
  13. This is not what I have written, so didn't know why happens to be in my quotation. Someone else later deleted his post?
  14. @zzywas meaning hardware compatibility, with current headset generation.
  15. @zzy we will decide today with the customer, but after (again) reviewing current hand tracking status I think the orientation will be to stick with HTC Vive headset and just use the controllers, waiting the whole technology to mature as a following option. About future hardware, I hope v1.0 will back compatible? Our project is due to start this year and I didn't see any announcement for new upcoming headset from Vive.
  16. Quest 2 has a lower refresh rate so far, will see in the future when will reach 90hz. For corporate applications such as I'm interested about has as primarily target hardware this mobile chipset, something not all realtime engine focused on industrial applications are supporting (they need powerful hardware you can find only in a real PC). Also does have in my view the "Facebook little problem" about data. HP Reverb G2 is a Windows Mixed Reality solution with a compatibility layer with SteamVR applications. I didn't find nowhere someone disclosing how well this is working. I read a test with the previous Reverb also telling the square 1:1 format of the displays create problems in that settings. Ive seen it used primarily in sitten VR such as car or flight simulators. Cosmos tracking has been anyway improving doing these months. So in my view there is no one for all perfect solution, depends what you need and how well you know about the hardware and software limitations you are going to use.
  17. Ah ok something I know. Yes Oculus tracking is supposed to be better even if I'm satisfied of the Cosmos for my non-gaming needs, but the Rif S has less resolution and the Quest is an autonomous headset by design so really not comparable and so far with lower refresh rate, even if with the Link the thing start to blur. To be honest as corporate user I stay away from Facebook and his data hungry policy. Good to know what was you referring to, thanks.
  18. Out of curiosity, what are these headset? I'm supposed to know all the major and minor brands for my work, and didn't remember any cheaper more "powerful" one in the same category...so curios to know if I miss something. Powerful you mean in term of resolution or frequency rate?
  19. Returning on the topic, our customer and we are eager to try hand tracking in an upcoming solution, and integrated Vive is an obvious choice. Reading previous post a new release is supposed to being available end of October, but there is any ETA for the v1.0? There is already any experience of using this hand tracking in a commercial project? @zzy
  20. Ok returning on the topic. Just sent back an autonomous headset evaluated for 360 videos, since does have great visuals but lack in term of audio, didn't allow any real interaction and have some other minor problems. Was reading about the Cosmos Play to be positioned just for this kind of "enterprise demo experience" activities. My question remains still the same: suppose I have more than two Cosmos (Play or whatever, but not the Elite), and I need them to control 3DoF movements (i.e. into a 360 experience with pre-defined shifts into different positions into the simulated environment), will be possible to connect them to a single PC?
  21. Was used but in theory in good conditions. Was working without problems in last year. Tested the VRAM using GPUMemTest and seems ok, not sure if these programs can capture these kind of errors. Purchased before going for VR, but seemed good enough for my needs. Planning to upgrade to 2070S for next projects, but so far I need it working.
  22. Owning a Cosmos I'm happy how is behaving, for a commercial project I will probably anyway need an external tracked system. So want to ask if there is any specific reason to choose between the Cosmos Elite or the Vive Pro, apart the fact one is LCD and the other OLED so probably better for dark virtual environments.
  23. Sorry didn't understood there was questions 🙂 I have a KFA2 (Galax) GTX 1070 EX, no OC, no underclock, BIOS provided from the producer. But I purchased it on Ebay even if from a top seller, so maybe something is starting to go wrong....even if I didn't understood why only with a single application (the one I need now unfortunatelly!).
  24. @VibrantNebula @SanityGaming The GPU is working well in any other case, not sure why can start behaving in this way only in VR and only in this app, and only after a Vive update.
  25. Some weird behavior I'm investigating. After one of the beta releases I got this kind of corrupted data displayed on monitor Also suddenly in VR all became very slow and tracking was very bad. I switched back to a not-beta release and all was working fine. Since yesterday I have this problem running consistently both on standard and beta firmware. I tried multiple troubleshooting (beta/not beta, change USB port, reboot, restart Vive console, restart SteamVR, etc), nothing changed.
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