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  1. @jvicente1971 not a gamer, but referring to your previous statement about HP Reverb I evaluated it too for professional usage, but does have a narrow FoV and Windows Mixed Reality tracking is renowed to be not so good, last time I looked at YouTube for usage examples was almost all on racing or flight sim, really not needing 6DoF. I personally find Cosmos good and using it with lenses, as other state need to adjust it regularly, trying to push it even during action to find best position, after that working fine.
  2. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula what about the Cosmos cameras specs?
  3. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula any sharable info about the new XR faceplate cameras specs?
  4. @zzywas writing too soon. Discovered the realtime engine we are using does natively integrate with the previous release of the Leap Motion SDK, dating back to 2016. Integrate the latest SDK will need some effort we will not invest on for this project. So will need to understand if the 2016 SDK is reliable enough for our needs, but considering is lacking all the latest improvements, I'm really waiting to know when you will release your next SDK release to test it!
  5. @acidarts confirm I got the models, my only problem was I can't find them, thus my suggestion of better indexing on Google and the links where I finally found them.
  6. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula searching online seems Cosmos cameras might be these one, based on the firmware. If so having them 1600x1200 resolution seems what is visible activating passtrough it's really much worse than what expected. There is any subsampling activated so that what's visible it's less than the sensor output, the tiny 1/5" size is creating a lot of noise, or simply these are not the right cameras used in Cosmos?
  7. @zzy discovered using recalibration does make Leap Motion much more reliable, so that we think using it, the only problem remaining the integration effort with our render engine.
  8. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula what are current Cosmos front facing cameras specs? I can't find them anywhere.
  9. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula https://uploadvr.com/vive-cosmos-ar-faceplate/ Not sure if was based on your press release but state a release to studios in Q2. It's something we can count on, or "studios" was meaning your partner developers? There is a public list of these partners? https://vivex.vive.com/eu/ Maybe these one?
  10. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    @VibrantNebula you mean MWC 2021? A bit far a way a fear for our project.
  11. davide445

    Cosmos XR

    For an upcoming applied R&D project we was evaluating XR options, didn't find any info about the upcoming Cosmos, there is anything about specs and availability that can be disclosed? Will be another faceplate that can be added to existing Cosmos?
  12. @zzy another option: if the user is using a treadmill so just head position need to be tracked, and we want to use Valve Index controllers that does integrate finger tracking, does we need lighthouse sensors?
  13. @zzy in the meantime I need to find a working solution. Apart Leap Motion own Orion software, was looking various suppliers of 3d depth cameras are suggesting Gestoos as gesture recognition software. Didn't find it mentioned in this forum, you ever have had experience with it
  14. Just to give an idea. In this way you can also I suppose increase your training set size by also generating it trough 3d simulation, since your focus will be not in fact a real hand but a glove, easier to render. I know I'm now speaking more about R&D, but if correctly working reliably a native hand tracking using just Cosmos cameras would be the perfect solution.
  15. Thanks @zzy but my idea was not simply gloves but gloves with attached specific QR markers for each finger. Since you are using a DNN I suppose you will need to train it with also this markers, but this might improve the recognition. Also from the user point of view I didn't see a problem in wearing passive simple gloves provided with markers stamped. I'm searching and effective solution to a problem I didn't see one so far.
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