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  1. Going by memory since curiously I didn't find an online manual and the headset lie in my office, first open the app you want to use, next in SteamVR > Settings > Video you can choose Manual for the resolution. This since 2018 Steam VR by default decide automatically the best resolution to maintain the target fps in the used headset. Selecting Manual does enable a button to define the specific resolution for different apps. Click on the button does open a new screen where you have a menu for the various apps (current one already selected), and the slider for changing the resolution. You change the resolution to let's say 130% or what you want (from the standard 100% that SteamVR set as automatic value). Close the app and next reopen it, the new resolution settings need to be applied. Some apps accept directly the change without restart.
  2. Tested today with new batteries and all seems working better. Didn't find myself in the wrong place. Received the too bright environment alert, but when I was in an office with sun coming directly in from windows. Still controllers tracking is worst than previous release in my opinion, less accurate and more difficult to interact with.
  3. @Glaucoma Predator how do you change the installed software release?
  4. Sorry to be more precise, not hand tracking but controllers tracking, that are controlling virtual hands. Seems they lost the tracking easily, but difficult to be sure since as written batteries was very low and I also got them tested with inexperienced users that was holding them in strange positions (i.e. very low or very near one to another). Seems the position was not very well tracked either since was also difficult to act on some object (i.e. activate a light switch). Again not sure if this was due to low batteries.
  5. Reading other posts another problem I was not sure depend from the tracking: launching the VR world I started finding myself in the wrong starting place in the virtual environment, instead of outside a building slightly inside, maybe inside a wall. I suppose there is some tracking or alignment problem. Also hand tracking seems to be a bit worse, but not sure since the batteries of the controllers was really low so maybe that might influence the tracking I suppose. To be objective the previous release was working fine for me. I have a demo on Monday, any way to roll back at previous release.
  6. I'm doing this trough the lens. Starting inside the VR environment I open the Vive software control in the lens, and try to set the room orientation in the same direction of the VR environment I use. But the result is never aligned, and using trial and error I wan't able to make that happen, seems to be rotated but never in the direction I want. Using latest beta software.
  7. Didn't want to open another thread for exactly the same topic. Just tested the forward direction feature and didn't find myself. My goal is to orient my play area so that fit with the orientation of the virtual environment I'm testing on Trying to set different forward directions I didn't find my virtual world oriented in a way that match the play area I traced in my room. The orientation seems to change but didn't fit the direction I set. I'm using this feature in the wrong way? The 3d engine need to support this re-orientation? How is supposed to work?
  8. Just to give a feedback, using this release I received some alerts about too high environmental light for good tracking I didn't received in the same situation before. Difficult to be objective since I'm testing it in and out from VR continuously for business purpose and not for gaming, but this is the feeling.
  9. Tested now and it works, confirmed you need to restart the application after setting the new resolution.
  10. Resolution need to work in this way in VR Reading in SteamVR forum some advice to restart the VR application/game you are using to load the new settings after you changed the resolution in SteamVR, didn't have the opportunity to test till tomorrow, maybe you can.
  11. Not sure if can be a HTC Console related issue or a SteamVR one, but trying to define a custom resolution for my own applications I didn't notice any difference neither as details nor as GPU load. I was trying to push the resolution from 100% to 130% (reading various posts seems to be a sweet point) but the average fps didn't change and also the graphics is really the same. Trying up to 200% give me the same results. Also looking at the SteamVR in-VR console I didn't noticed any difference. Asked our realtime 3d engine provider and they are not bypassing this setting so need to act really in changing the resolution.
  12. Hi @Keyon just a user as you here, so will be better also if you follow Shen Ye instructions. On my side the problem was due to having two GPU installed on my PC. Removing one all resulted working fine, with the new beta release is now working also with both the GPU installed. You can check my previous posts since I have done most of the troubleshooting steps needed to clear most of the trouble origins.
  13. @Shen Ye have had time to test it only now, confirmed is working fine with also the second GPU in place. Thanks!
  14. Returning on the CloudVR topic, understood for video streaming to the headset is needed at least a 7Gbps bandwidth from the workstation to the headset. But what about the link on the other direction, between the headset and the workstation? I suppose need to transmit only the 6DOF data, so need a much small bandwidth. What's the minimum needed? @VibrantNebula
  15. Having the same problem with a custom 3D application I use for work, there is any way to make the Cosmos controllers to present themself as Vive Pro controllers?
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