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  1. Was used but in theory in good conditions. Was working without problems in last year. Tested the VRAM using GPUMemTest and seems ok, not sure if these programs can capture these kind of errors. Purchased before going for VR, but seemed good enough for my needs. Planning to upgrade to 2070S for next projects, but so far I need it working.
  2. Owning a Cosmos I'm happy how is behaving, for a commercial project I will probably anyway need an external tracked system. So want to ask if there is any specific reason to choose between the Cosmos Elite or the Vive Pro, apart the fact one is LCD and the other OLED so probably better for dark virtual environments.
  3. Sorry didn't understood there was questions 🙂 I have a KFA2 (Galax) GTX 1070 EX, no OC, no underclock, BIOS provided from the producer. But I purchased it on Ebay even if from a top seller, so maybe something is starting to go wrong....even if I didn't understood why only with a single application (the one I need now unfortunatelly!).
  4. @VibrantNebula @SanityGaming The GPU is working well in any other case, not sure why can start behaving in this way only in VR and only in this app, and only after a Vive update.
  5. Some weird behavior I'm investigating. After one of the beta releases I got this kind of corrupted data displayed on monitor Also suddenly in VR all became very slow and tracking was very bad. I switched back to a not-beta release and all was working fine. Since yesterday I have this problem running consistently both on standard and beta firmware. I tried multiple troubleshooting (beta/not beta, change USB port, reboot, restart Vive console, restart SteamVR, etc), nothing changed.
  6. I'm planning a setup where 20 people will view using a VR headset a 360 video. - inside out tracking will work in this case? - autonomous headset will be the best, but fear the trouble of them being discharged and out of service, will make sense to have them sitten with a wired one? - since will be for an event someway we need to secure people cannot unplug the HMD and ruin the setup, there is any system to secure the DP and USB so not being unpluggable? - from the hw point of view I suppose there is needed some splitter for the DP so to feed all with the same signal, but it's not clear to me how we can manage the USB multiple connections. - from the sw point of view the traditional Vive Console + SteamVR setup appear to me prone to problems, there is anything more streamlined for just 360 videos?
  7. @VibrantNebula I know from the beginning an iGPU it's not enough for interactive VR, but my goal it's just to play 360 videos with this laptop, something even a smartphone can do. USB-C supports DP 1.2 from the documentation.
  8. @VibrantNebula just tried again. My latptop didn't have a Nvidia GPU so I can't use it to check the USB-C. I will be keen in finding a solution since I have a demo coming with 360 video and need to understand if I just need to purchase another portable device (even if much cheaper) or not. So far Vive Console give me an error 201 (headset not detected), SteamVR always an error 208. Thunderbolt monitor didn't show me any attached device, but using HwMonitor show me a secondary display attached I'm not able to interpret the data for the Alpine Ridge controller trough HwInfo, so not sure if show something connected Finally Windows show this dubious configuration of the monitor, so two mirrored
  9. @C.T. This will be a perfect way https://www.roadtovr.com/ces-2019-htc-vive-cosmos-smartphone/ I know HTC also sells smartphones, but supporting any good smartphone with USB-C DisplayPort alternate mode will be up to the job for 360 videos. Of course even better having some way to make Cosmos work with a standard laptop for just 360 videos.
  10. @VibrantNebula I will check later. Of course I know it's not a VR ready GPU, but I if a smartphone is able to show 360 videos I was supposing my laptop was more than enough. SteamVR it's so an overhead for this things? Any other way to just look a 360 video using my Cosmos?
  11. For customer validation sessions using 360 images I was trying to setup my standard business laptop in this way Laptop: Lenovo X380 Yoga with i5-8350U CPU, UHD 620 iGPU, 8GB RAM, M2 SSD. Does have a Thunderbolt / DP compliant port. Club3D USB-C to DisplayPort adapter (as suggested in this forum giving the best compatibility for mobile usage) Vive Cosmos with link box connecting the DP on the adapter and USB3 on the laptop port. Latest Steam and SteamVR, latest Cosmos sw update, latest sw update for the laptop, receiving from Vive Console a 215 Error headset display cannot detected. SteamVR give me a 208 error, headset display disconnected, also notify your display appears to be set to duplicate content Thunderbolt monitor show a Tunderbolt controller attached to Port 1. - Tried to reboot - Tried to set display to don't duplicate content: switch back himself to this settings - Tried setting Direct Display mode, no changes I didn't expect this setup to demo real 3D interactive applications, but just to display 360 images/videos trough DeoVR Video Player or similar.
  12. For a small concept demo I was thinking to render some 360 images in various location of the 3D environment trough our used realtime 3d engine, and next connect them to create an interactive virtual tour. I have never done that (the nearest thing was a recorded 360 video so far), any suggestion about an easy to use tool that can allow me to set a hotspot in the 360 image to just relocate to another image, run the demo with just click, rotate and zoom command using a standard business laptop (just purchased the suggested USB-C to DisplayPort adapter) + our Vive Cosmos headset.
  13. Thanks all your feedback is very valuable. I suppose the ML performs some sort of feature extraction so to find not changing details in the environment, so that if the people are not too many so to occlude this fixed features the tracking can work.
  14. Wanted to ask if someone have had problems in the tracking (using the original inside-out system and not the Elite one) with one or more other person in the room. For an upcoming project we will train a person trough a simulator, but other person might be in the room to look at him during the training. Meaning the environment will be not static, but with others moving around. Will this create problems? More in general what are the tricks that come out in these months to optimize the tracking? On my side I'm using it in short burst for demos and testing so in fact never have had many problems, but also never need to optimize for hours of usage.
  15. As from title, for our demos want to purchase disposable face cover such as this one, all of them are "certified" for HTC Vive, none for Vive Cosmos. Will they fit?
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