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  1. Yeh I ordered from Amazon. I can have it swapped out just didn't want to do that if I could clean it somehow. I was thinking about it this morning and I guess it could be a dead pixel if that's possible?
  2. Hello all, I just received my cosmos in today and got it all setup and running. So far its working great. I have a small spec of something behind my left eye lens. I used the micro fiber cloth that the kit comes with to wipe the lens but it doesn't remove it so I assume its on the back side of the lens. Is there anyway I can clean this? @stvnxu @Synthesis
  3. So I wonder how Oculus inside out tracking works since it doesn't have lights on the controllers? Also when htc was designing the cosmos I wonder why they chose the lighted controller tracking over whatever Oculus is using? And before anyone asks these are genuine questions, I'm not baiting or trying to troll. My cosmos arrives today and this will be my first real VR headset besides the Google daydream phone VR from a couple years ago. I did alot of research before deciding on the cosmos. Long as they keep improving the tracking I believe it will be one of the best headsets with it's gre
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