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  1. HoZy

    Rev 1?

    It's PLE, It's not a price increase it's just them moving the old packaging. That's all it is. PCCG, Scorptec, Mwave, MSY etc.
  2. HoZy

    Rev 1?

    Because of the model number change due to the packaging change, Check the model number on both of them in the listings. They are the ones listed in my post I linked you above. It's PLE being idiots, that's all it is. Cheers
  3. Try to pair them again. https://www.vive.com/eu/support/cosmos/category_howto/pairing-the-controllers-with-the-headset.html cheers
  4. HoZy

    Cover Pad

    I've got these, Definitely not as thick as the OEM Foam. But they moved me into the sweet spot and are super comfortable. (About 8hours use so far) Squish them a few times. Cheers
  5. Pushing, It is fairly well sealed and you can feel the air coming out of the vents on the lower half of the unit. I didn't like the 40mm fan mods and how they were just blowing over the device or looked bulky, This mod ducts the air through the vents creating static pressure internally. Have also partially made a single 40mm version however I can finish if people are interested. This could also be powered via 5v from the USB-C connector on the HMD or using a USB-A Splitter and getting 12v from the battery directly. Up to the user what they want to do. Cheers
  6. Just wanted to share this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4124195 HTC Vive Wireless Dual 30mm Cooling Fan. 2x - 30x30x6mm 12v Fans @ 7.5v (Low speed fan resistors I had sitting around) 1x - 1.3 ID x 3.5mm OD DC Jack This was built due to Grey/Blue screen flashes on the HMD, Falling through the world or slowly losing tracking on the Vive Cosmos during wireless play. Looking at logs in C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log The HTC Vive Wireless would start with temps reporting [2020-01-19 17:36:58 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=36, R_Temperature=33 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-19 17:56:46 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=62 After the modification was performed the log output reported [2020-01-24 14:45:39 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=30, R_Temperature=23 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-24 15:05:19 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=48, R_Temperature=49 Both of these were experienced with the same room temperature of 24c and 20minutes of playtime in Beat Saber. After extended use it originally used to display temperatures reporting [2020-01-07 18:19:42 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=99, R_Temperature=63 [2020-01-07 18:19:52 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=100, R_Temperature=65 [2020-01-07 18:20:22 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=102, R_Temperature=66 With a grey/blue HMD flicker every few minutes. This has cut cut the temperature by half and resulted in no drop outs after hours of use. Cheers
  7. Next thing I'd like you all to test, please log/monitor your CPU usage while using the HTC Wireless while it is having temperature issues. If you can all provide some of that info, We can narrow down the issues & specific faults to 2 things. CPU utilization for the VR Compositor as it pipes the signal to your HMD as well as the Vive wireless overheating. Cheers
  8. Something I haven't seen mentioned here, Check the temps of your Wireless. C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log Open up your log and look for M_Temperature, Post an exert of when it starts, and then 30minutes later. It'll probably be hitting about 90c and Overheating. Causes controller tracking to lag, sometimes grey screen flashes & other times you straight up fall through the world depending on the game. Cheers
  9. HTC added the foam after somebody burnt their head back in 2018, It's a known issue. Has anything been done? Nope. The community take it into their own hands by adding a fan or actually installing a heat-sink on the SOC. And it stops the dropouts and stuttering. Cheers @Synthesis
  10. HoZy

    Rev 1?

    Having seen both packaging styles that is the only difference. The reply in my post is from HTC staff. Cheers Also, It's the retailer listing it as Rev. 1. Not HTC.
  11. I feel like that is a USB-C OTG & a 5v Noctua 40mm fan. Cheers
  12. The tracking mod upgrade literally says 2.0 base stations & controllers are required.(Noticed it now only says SteamVR compatible) And considering there is another forum almost dedicated to talking about importing the index yes, yes you can. Also I already have the cosmos on wireless, You don't need to sell me on something I already own mate. Cheers
  13. I'm in Aus, If you purchased all the stuff needed direct from HTC Aus store. This is in AUD $300 for Tracking MOD ($200usd Quoted price) $658 for 2x 2.0 Base Stations $620 for 2x Vive Pro Controllers $1578AUD to upgrade from the HTC Aus store. Compared to the Vive Cosmos being $1149 directly from HTC Aus. Total: $2727AUD Cheers Although a few people have imported the Index and it works out around $1950AUD right now
  14. I've explained how the tracking methods work before in another thread. Cossack isn't wrong it's definitely a hardware limitation in how HTC attempted to track the controllers on the Cosmos. Briefly, The Oculus still uses infrared emitters in their controller loops on the S/Quest, Which helps keep accurate tracking during occluded gameplay meanwhile the Cosmos uses light loops, Nothing fancy. So if they are occluded, blown out from other lighting etc. They simply don't know where your hands are. It's also why there is a limit on how far you can bring them to your face due for hand movements in games etc. End of the day, Software will only do so much when the hardware is in fact the issue. I've also done a break down of the cost to upgrade to the tracking MOD and it is significantly more expensive than the cost of the Cosmos itself or even just purchasing a Valve Index, Leaving you with 2 almost new controllers and a HMD faceplate that contains 2 cameras sitting in your junk drawer. Cheers
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