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  1. Please try: 1) in player settings select "both" under input system 2) use the 0.9... version of XRI
  2. No it doesn't techically replace it - it wraps it into a common interface - I'll be naswering question live in an hour at the VRTO conference
  3. And it's also working fine - I think what's tripping people up is a Unity bug: Also it's "verified" in 2020.3.11 and not .10 and it forces you to come off of the verified version of Input System with no way to go back - so I wouldn't call it "verified"
  4. It's there and moreover 1.2.2 is working - mke sure you don't move location of the tar ball....
  5. Hi @Laurent I am seeing it in 2020.3.11 What is tripping folks up is that you have to add it to the Project Settings -> Input System Package (possibly a Unity bug)
  6. @stelliomagus see this will get it's own thread soon
  7. Hi Morton, I'm attaching a demo of OpenXR support for eye tracking (and yes using 4.26) Details forthcoming later this week To clarify this is for Vive Pro Eye using SteamVR OpenXR (but support is installed with Vive OpenXR via an API layer) OpenXR426_EyeTrackingDartBoard.7z
  8. To clarify, the Wave runtime will support the OpenXR and Wave programming interfaces. Currently the Wave SDK supports Wave devices including the Focus 3 and Focus Plus.
  9. Just a reminder that we also have a OpenXR forum for anything related to OpenXR (including OpenXR Vive Cosmos support)
  10. Keep in mind only 1.1.1 is verified - we'll be updating as necessary for 1.2.0
  11. Sorry for the delay - we will be reviewing this asap - is this the same exact issue from the Unity forum? Same versions of all the packages? As I tried clarifying in the Unity forum, Vive's OpenXR support is for the Vive Cosmos (not Elite which uses SteamVR's). OpenXR apps using the SteamVR OpenXR runtime (including Vive, Vive Pro) should also seek support on their OpenXR support forum as well. Pleae note that both implementations have passed conformance tests and are official adopters.
  12. Yes please show what's selected in XR Management - select "Default" for OpenXR runtime - then check ViveConsole to see if it set to default - or check registry to make sure.
  13. Please provide logs/screenshots and steps to reproduce. And versions as this post has not been updated to latest Unity and plugins yet.
  14. @Poodyand anyone else using Cosmos or Cosmos Elite to clarify: Vive OpenXR runtime is for the Cosmos (inside out tracking) SteamVR OpenXR runtime is for the Cosmos Elite (outside in tracking - SteamVR Tracking with basestations) If you upgraded your Cosmos to the Elite (using removable faceplate) the same applies. If this is your case, then try going back to Cosmos by swapping back the original faceplate and try again.
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