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  1. https://forum.vive.com/topic/2408-android-debug-bridge-tips/?tab=comments#comment-2415https://forum.vive.com/topic/2408-android-debug-bridge-tips/?tab=comments#comment-2415
  2. https://forum.vive.com/topic/2408-android-debug-bridge-tips/?tab=comments#comment-2415
  3. Gaze control (cursor in center of view based on head tracking) is available if the application developer adds it. We have sample code for this with the Wave SDK for developers. Ideally developers should consider fall back support for controllers -> hand tracking-or eye tracking or basic gaze support (somewhat in that order based on hardware), @Keane0411
  4. Did you see the Focus example (dart boards)? Check out the Focus call back on the dartboard object's script as well as the script on it's parent.
  5. Yes you need the base station and controller to run setup. To make sure your PC is VR ready and capable you can run the SteamVR Performance Test on Steam. @affan101
  6. If you can, try testing with different cables to confirm it's not a cable issue (check for loose connections) Are you using USB 3 ports?
  7. If you hear the USB connected/disconnected sounds please check your cables (try swapping them with other cables if possible to confirm) or check for loose connections.
  8. Is this with Unity? Please consider using the VIU plugin on the assetstore if so, just drop in ViveRig into your scene and controllers for Vive Focus, Focus+, and all the Vive PC hmds (original, Pro, Pro Eye) as well as all other platforms (Quest, WMR, etc_) will be supported. @dvp_dominic
  9. Are you also seeing a similar issue with the SteamVR settings popup? Sounds like a file permissions issue - can you share your workaround to help others who may be having a similar issue?
  10. Make sure you can see the popup dialog that asks you save and generate the actions
  11. This has been already added to WaveVR @ArjenVeenhuizen
  12. htcdev.com has the unlockbootloader tool for all HTC Android devices. Again I warn against rooting your device as this will void all warrantys and enterprise support. You should know what you are doing (i.e. have an expert who knows how to replace a bootloader or other partition with one that allows you to root). @henrikvrtraveler
  13. Hi all, this is a basic aspect ratio question - each eye does not get the standard TV/film aspect ratio. What you are seeing is a 1:1 crop of the original circle from one eye to get the most of the original content. Are you asking to crop the top and bottom to better fit the TV aspect ratios e.g. 4:3 or 16:9 (and which would work for you)? This is what you are seeing others doing btw. @Insightful Environments
  14. This is handled by Role mapping in VIU - please check out the UI that's built in to do the mapping (right shift B). https://github.com/ViveSoftware/ViveInputUtility-Unity/wiki/Embedded-Binding-Interface Under the covers it's bound by serialnum - so doesn't matter what order you turn on trackers or if hmd falls asleep etc. No need to deal with device ids You may even map 2 trackers to the same role as a backup tracker to quickly replace at runtime when one runs low on battery. And you can actually physically label the trackers to make it easier. I've seen live performances use 10+ trackers, with the ability to do mapping while the app was running using the role mapping interface. @mgyeung @jboss
  15. Where on your waist did you place the tracker? I'm asking because it's more likely that a waist tracker be occluded than a foot tracker. Do you have a 2 or 4 lighthouse setup? One way to confirm that it's occlusion is if you place an additional tracker on your waist (front and back for instance) does the loss of tracking alternate depending on where you are facing? One way to handle occlusion (using 2 waist trackers) would be to defer to the one that is still tracking, i.e. when tracking is lost (you can get that as a callback) you would switch to the other tracker for your position/rotation - keeping in mind the distance to the body center for accurate IK. @LXVII
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