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  1. You don't see it in scripts? Actually you could edit it in both places if that helps.
  2. Were you able to build the SteamVR InteractionSystem example and target OpoenXR in XR Management?
  3. We worked with Valve to get pogo pin working for any number of trackers (not just as hand L/R) - I have a Unity project I can share to demonstrate this. If you're asking about in OpenXR - we're working on a vendor extension currently and hope we can complete it soon.
  4. We are commited to support OpenXR in additional devices (not just the Vive Cosmos) and have a roadmap. As with current runtimes, this will be a runtime that will be included with existing runtimes. You should be able to use existingi tools such as UE or Unity with their corresonding OpenXR plugins. Note that Unity has yet to support OpenXR for the Android platform.
  5. Let's step through an existing complete working Unity application and port it to OpenXR using the OpenXR Unity XR plugin (now out of preview v1.0.3). This has been tested on two runtimes, the SteamVR OpenXR runtime as well as the Vive OpenXR rumtime (for Cosmos). For this port let's try to find a canonical beginner complete working project. Like this one from Unity: VR Beginner: The Escape Room The main scene is found in Assets/VR Beginner/Scenes/Final/EscapeRoom This sample uses Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit - but instead of targeting devices in the XR Management Se
  6. Have you looked into using VIU plugin in Unity? I've used the pogo pins even with more than 2 trackers - I didn't see any orientation issue.
  7. For those who have moved to 2020.x (2020.3 is the new LTS so I recommend that one): For Wave SDK 3.2 as a temporary workaround you'll need to edit the following to see Wave listed in XR Management. Make the edit in Project->Packages and not in Library/PackageCache (where Console points to) and clear the package cache and previously installed samples and then restart Unity. Editor/WaveXRPlayerSettingsConfigDialog.cs
  8. Is this happeneing on other headsets other than Vive Pro? Have you checked the SteamVR OpenXR forums? The Vive Pro would use SteamVR's OpenXR runtime, on this site, the OpenXR forum focuses on the Vive OpenXR runtime (for Cosmos).
  9. Of course, again this runtime is for the Vive Cosmos and available for free when you select the beta program in the console. You can also use SteamVR's OpenXR runtime - the OpenXR plugin for Unity (or Unreal) should support all the runtimes out there (except Android runtimes on Unity currently)
  10. @oldmanwoofa From the screen shots, looks lilke you have the runtime working ok. For what it's worth I would check the packages in your project and compare them to my working project packages:
  11. Yes, please use the Vive Input Utility (VIU) found in the Asset Store and github and don't let the name mislead you, it's a cross platform toolkit for most all hmds out there (AIO and PC). It's easier and simpler than the other toolkits. Note that' you may still need SteamVR which it wraps up (depeding on use case) but VIU also drops down to (wraps) Unity XR apis as well. And soon you'll also be able to target OpenXR as well (let me know if you need a workaround for current version). best, Dario
  12. Please note there's a new update: (details forthcoming) If you are having trouble seeing the "Enable OpenXR" switch when you enable "Beta Program" please try the previous method of using the Private Test Program with the following activiation code: OPENXRBETADEV00
  13. @oldmanwoofaAre you starting VR development with OpenXR? If not, this forum is just for early development with OpenXR - the beta/private test programs we are referring to here is in the context of using OpenXR which is still in preview with Unity and out of preview with UE4. There's no need for the beta branches if you're using existing toolkits like the SteamVR plugin. If indeed you are going for OpenXR development you're in the right place. For Unity, you''ll need to also add the package provided in this forum (pinned Unity post) to add the feature for the Unity OpenXR package, which i
  14. It's working for most of us - I think you're not waiting for the update to complete, again the hmd needs updating as well (same steps just need to wait for 2 separate progress bars) - switching from/to beta line will force updates, then go back to Private to try again.
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