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  1. @CDG Have you tested Elite with the latest SteamVR beta update?
  2. We have a couple known issues left (related to our runtime - regarding centering as you're describing) will give you an update here shortly. Crashing no longer happens with the latest MSFS update.
  3. @CDG, We have found the root cause of the issue with Cosmos Elite and have reported it to Valve (issue is with SteamVR-OpenXR runtime). So actually I would recommend additionally reporting it on: https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/8/8/
  4. Hi @CDG, I'd also suggest looking at the FS forum: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/virtual-reality-vr as this is really about MSFS and the SteamVR OpenXR runtime and not specific to our hardware or our Cosmos runtime. We'll also continue looking into this on our end with Cosmos Elite.
  5. MSFS will run on the default OpenXR runtime set in the Krhonos Windows registry. With the Elite you have to use the SteamVR OpenXR runtime - so set that as the default from SteamVR settings. Once you toggle ctrl-tab to launch VR (once ready to fly) it should work. I would also suggest to turn off desktop 2D view in VR before launching VR. Are all other SteamVR applications working ok? If you're still seeing an issue with MSFS and Elite, it could be an issue with Valve's SteamVR/OpenXR runtime which is in beta (make sure you select the beta branch for SteamVR). Their runtime is in the process of becoming conformant (official adopter status).
  6. @AlGoldenwere you able to resolve? For others asking about this: public void OnGrabbed(BasicGrabbable grabbedObj) { ViveColliderButtonEventData viveEventData; if (!grabbedObj.grabbedEvent.TryGetViveButtonEventData(out viveEventData)) { return; } switch (viveEventData.viveRole.ToRole<HandRole>()) { case HandRole.RightHand: if (rightGrabbingSet.Add(grabbedObj.gameObject) && rightGrabbingSet.Count == 1) { ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibrationEx(HandRole.RightHand);
  7. We are addressing known issues with MSFS, but normally you wouldn't have to worry about enabling/disabling SteamVR. Once you choose an OpenXR runtime it should just work. Right now MSFS doesn't require controllers so you can choose either runtime. @Kobboyz
  8. @Gianmarco Please see the updated list of extensions, we've added opengl support recently. Thanks for the feedback, we'll get back to you when we can announce additional support.
  9. Vive Cosmos OpenXR Feature package for Unity Unity has released a preview of their OpenXR plugin available with Unity 2020.2 https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-support-for-openxr-in-preview.1023613/ After installing the Unity OpenXR plugin (see link above) you can add the HTC Vive Cosmos Controller Support Feature to OpenXR Features as shown: You can download the HTC Vive Cosmos Controller package preview as a tarball file here: com.htc.upm.vive.openxr.controllers-0.1.0-preview.4.tgz UPDATE: (preview 4) Add common usage “gripButton” for grip-pressed input. Add common usage “triggerButton” for trigger-pressed input Use the package manager to install as either a tarball or if you run into any issue you can unzip it and use the from disk option and point to the json file. Unity includes several samples with their OpenXR package so be sure to install the Controller Sample. This sample will display all the controller's inputs visually for almost all the input because the Cosmos controller has an additional "bumper" button next to the trigger button. As shown you can run in editor connecting to the OpenXR PC runtime. In this case it's the "Default" Vive Cosmos OpenXR runtime. To set it as the default you should select it as the default when you first run the runtime from the Vive Console. This will set the default Windows registry values. To install the Vive Cosmos OpenXR runtime please see: https//forum.vive.com/forum/92-vive-openxr/ Now as you may have noticed above I've added an indicator for the Bumper button status (green when pressed) for both left and right hand controllers for this sample. You can add them with the following steps. 1) Once you've enabled the feature (first screen shot above) we can edit the Controller sample to include the additional indicator by duplicating the Trigger Press visual element, renaming it as "Bumper Press" and moving it slightly to the right of Trigger Press (remember to do likewise for RightHand). 2) To edit the Action binding for this new indicator first double click on the Action Reference field of the Action to Button ISX script component in the inspector as shown above. Once you get the following Input Actions window, you can add the new actions and bind them to the appropriate binding path that the Vive Cosmos Controllers feature provided as shown below and while this window is open also add one for the right hand controller. And with that you can start using all the Vive Cosmos controllers inputs for your OpenXR applications! Build available here.
  10. Ok I just confirmed that pogo pin input is indeed working when not assigned as hands but as another role in steamvr. I tested with the latest beta but it's probably been there for sometime - fyi not all changes make the changelog with steamvr updates.
  11. ok well that has the fix, I just confirmed that trackers now take pogo pin input when assigned other roles in steamvr. I didn't see any axis issue with this fix. @am_ga
  12. Which version of SteamVR, latest beta?
  13. Thanks Patrik, for the update. Please feel free to send me a private message to send logs.
  14. @cusa123, sorry it's not clear, are you using the OpenXR preview runtime for Cosmos or are you using SteamVR? (both won't run at the same time) @Patrik Did you mean you recently updated the preview runtime or MSFS 2020 or both? I thought VR support for MSFS 2020 was coming end of Dec. Early previews may be limited to specific devices - did you have it running earlier or with SteamVR's OpenXR runtime?
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