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  1. Lionel

    Fan not woking?

    No apologies needed at all, I managed to figure it out in the end and probably should of looked under the front cover myself first. No need for any investigation into your support staff, I felt it was worth mentioning that beyond the forums there is a significant mentality change, please feel free to feed that back. But I really mean what I said earlier "You guys are really great on the forums" I don't think I have even seen such willingness to help a customer base on a technical level before, you admit faults and shortcomings and make sure the customer gets the best solution that you can think of. I cannot express how much I value your support here. Please never stop!! :D
  2. Lionel

    Fan not woking?

    @C.T. Sorry just a long frustrating journey contacting your official support. I have mulled over whether to update this post for a while now. If anybody else has this issue don't bother contacting support. They don't know how to check or don't want to. So they spend most their time pushing you to other departments depending on where and how you purchased the headset (Looking at you US support), then when they cant pass the buck any further they just outright say "NO". Genuinely very let down with the technical support this time round :( normally you guys are great on the forums. Anyway not to be deterred I had the choice to send the headset back (not overly thrilled at this idea right now) or dismantle it. So I started with the front plate and was pleasantly surprised to see that the fan is visible from the outside and easily serviceable (for gentle cleaning I assume). turned the headset on I could see the fan spinning, so yes it is working, my question answered incredibly easily. Why nobody at HTC knew this or refused to tell me this I guess I will never know.
  3. I have a feeling that the fan is no longer working on my HMD. Outside of just sending the unit back for repairs, is there a way I can test this beforehand ?
  4. I play with min e in a room full of people and a toddler that amazingly does not get KO'ed as she loved to run around peple in VR. you get a tension headache watching her !! I assume one day she will learn her own lesson as she doenst listen to us !!! so yeah a full room of people doesn't seem to bother it, we have well distinct items in our living room though, Black corner couch 1 orange feature wall, light floor and light brown rug. There are plenty of posts in regards to improving tracking on this forum, if your having issues but obviously lighting is a good start, and think of point tracking, suggested has been coloureed post it notes on walls.
  5. @VibrantNebula that all said, had a quick look and there is no IR filter on the HMD, so if one wanted to play in the *dark then yes as far as i can tell it is possible, unless you know of specific limitations of the cameras in the HMD? So on a technicality you should be able to play in the "dark" as seen by your eyes, not sure of the issues that may be introduced in tracking (you will probably have to test for us, as I cant imagine HTC validating this), im sorry but I dont have a decent IR source to test this im afraid, your going to have to undertake the leg work here. you could buy a few of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illuminator-Infrared-Security-Vision-Camera/dp/B00BGLR78A/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=IR+lamps&qid=1582334138&sr=8-6 that is one of the first I clicked on, i have not put any major research in to the pro's and cons of the different manafacturers, do look into it a bit, and hopefully you will get a solution that suits you. *dark, what is dark? i take it as the spectrum visible to human eyes.
  6. Hiya, I had the same question just out of curiosity a while back, got an answer from their wizzard @VibrantNebula https://forum.vive.com/topic/7136-microphone/page/2/ What happens if you use a low power device e.g. thumb drive? Have you tried powering it seperatley, e.g. run a powered USB hub on the USB port and then using your leap motion plugged into that?
  7. Lionel

    Cover Pad

    Noticed you never got an answer to your Holder or Case, Personally I would love a holder for it that was moulded (most people use a peg !!!!! ) my mate did say he got a 3D printer for Christmas !!! time to abuse his good nature I think 😄 But anyway ..... due to 4 kids in the house I wasnt happy leaving ours out in the open. I got this case - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B082PWYW9F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the only thing that bugs me is the moulded feet on the case are on the lid !?!?!?! so it was dumb design descision but the case is perfect; cheap and sturdy. p.s. I am not affiliated with the product outside of owning one.
  8. I hadn't noticed this on my headset at all (maybe people are to polite 😄). but it also could well be how you wear the headset, I notice my wife and I wear it seated slightly differently. what Might be worth trying in this case that is less obtrusive would be a little bit of mic foam stuck over the hole. should cut out 95% of the "popping" and look ok. *edit Awesome post BTW, thanks for the Tip, Ill keep my ears open to see if this is an issue for me as well, and if it is, ill let you know how it works out with foam 😄 .
  9. dont forget you still have a USB C port in the heasdset that you can use 😉
  10. I have a mixture of relatively cheap (chinese Ebay) led strips (monitor backlighting & ceiling mounted light) & 1 energy saving bulb lamp in my room, I dont have any big issues with tracking, it is better during the day with sunlight through the windows, but from 4 hours of gameplay I may loose tracking twice for a short period
  11. no worries, I think steam controller section has been updated twice since that guide came out 😄 If there is anything I can do to help let me know.
  12. that is the valve guide and as he said is already outdated 😞 I am not going to Lie, I struggled to get my head round the mapping procedure, which is incredibly frustrating as I work in Tech 😕 !!! maybe I should hang up my Rj45 cables
  13. Thats the one :D @VibrantNebula do you know if Vive would release a guide ?
  14. Hi I would like to play lunar flght VR_Beta but the game is no longer being developed and I cant for the life of me figure out how to Remap the controls. Do you have a control remapping guide, the only one I could find line made little sense to me, I guess I am missing the basic concept. Or if you felt like tit publishing one on the steam workshop 😉
  15. Got beat saber recently. not had any issues with tracking yet, same with Pistol whip, worst thing with pistol whip is I accidently press the pause button 😄
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