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  1. Hey T, I did update the latest bios for msi. I tried 417 and htc said I needed to update graphic card and wouldn't work. I tried 439 and it still gave me 220 error. Does anyone know the right version that will work?
  2. Laptop: MSI GP73 Leopard GHX Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 Ram: 32GB Outlets: HDMI, mDP, USB-C So I get the COSMO, ordered a mDP to DP convertor and the first day it worked great with the software I use for VR. Well, during install Vive prompts me to install the "latest" graphic card update for better performance. So I do it that night and then the next day stops working and gives me error code (220). I have flashed bios, I have down graded back to the other version of my graphic card, I uninstalled and reinstalled SteamVR/HTC Vive and I went out and bought a mDP to mDP cord and still none of it works. Can anyone with knowledge on running a COSMO with a MSI Laptop help me out? Attached is System Report from SteamVR. Thank you much appreciated. SteamVR-2019-12-31-PM_03_06_11.txt
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