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  1. Hello I'm sad (for DEVS) and happy to tell you that I sold my COSMOS HMD after 1 year and always tracking issues or light issues. Too bad ! The image is wonderfull but tracking really really bad for all FPS games. I do'nt to pay more for olds controllers and steamvr base and faceplace + 600€/700€ (???) I'm going to try VALVE INDEX or wait and buy a HP REVERB G2 this winter Good luck everyone. Stéph@ne
  2. Yes but why buy a COSMOS to change and pay much more with old controlers ? I dont have STEAM VR BASE, Faceplate and old HTC VIVE hands Controllers I need to change all of them, no way I dont want to pay for this. I prefer now to change for a serious headset or wait for HP REVERB G2. I tried to keed and explore capacities and possibilities but unfortunately nothing improvements and I'm not patient right now. Stéph@ne 😉
  3. Hello I decided to sell my headset HTC COSMOS what I bought in November 2019. I have never been able to play with all games like ONWARD, PAVLOV on CONTRACTORS This headset and its controllers are not ready and they never been ready😥😥😥 Yet I supported DEV everytime Sorry guys I'm going to buy a VALVE INDEX Stéph@ne
  4. I tried the new release and I'm alway disappointed I can play with BONEWORKS, HALF LIFE ALYX, MOSS But definitely can't play with ONWARD, CONTRACTORS and PAVLOV I'm sorry but COSMOS isn't for FPS 😫😫😫 Stéph@ne
  5. Hello I go back th the official version who works better and uninstalled this beta Steph@ne
  6. Hello I have some trouble with the IPD panel When I play this panel appear because my nose or my face touch the lenses. How to disabled it or add a shortcut to help it to disappear quickly ? Stéph@ne 😉
  7. This https://steamcommunity.com/app/669290/discussions/0/1735508423605013056/ ;-)
  8. Hello Why Cosmos controllers don't work with ESPIRE 1 OPERATIVE ? Thx Stephane
  9. I can't access to my account Sjunin anymore There always is SIgn IN Ireceived a lot of code or I tried to change my password and I can't star anymore. With SAFARI (MAC) there is message "COOKIES" I accepted all cookies. With FIREFOX and CHROME (MAC) problems comes from Sign iN I dont undderstand I trid with my Phone same problem. Please help me ! Stéphane
  10. Hello I Sjunin with an another account I had to change account for this forum, my account with SAFARI, EDGE or FIREFOX doesn't work anymore (MAC, PC ou GSM) ???!!! I don't have any BLOCKER See attachement, this icon is disable
  11. Hello I would like to replace a PayPal account in my Viveport but it's impossible. How can I replace it by a new PayPal account ? There is a garbage icon but it's doesn't work Thx Stephane
  12. Merci pour ce retour très utile. J'ai aussi remarqué une bonne autonomie depuis quelques temps Stéph@ne 😉
  13. Hello since new update if STEAM VR I can't open in my headset the STEAM MENU. I double click on the COSMOS left controller but nothinG is happening Can you help me to restore this menu ? Thx Steph@ne @C.T. @stvnxu
  14. Salut On note une grande amélioration il faut le reconnaître. Certes toujours problématique avec les fusils mais beaucoup plus jouable. Par contre moi je rencontre un nouveau problème avec la Beta steamvr un enfer elle me donne mal à la tête Tous mes jeux lag depuis cette mise a jour. Si quelqu'un sait comment desactiver steam vr qui se lance automatiquement je suis preneur Je vais écrire mon post aussi pour nos amis anglophones / now I'm going to write the same msg for all English friends 😉 I noticed a good improvement but I have always issues with all rifle with two hands. Now a new problem with the last steamvr beta update, it's horrible lose images, headaches and a lot of lags with my all games. If somebody know how to disable steamvr I take it Sorry for my english 😉
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