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  1. It was definitely my display port being dead. I've never even used it before getting my cosmos, I tried absolutely everything twice. Borrowed a friend's card and it immediately worked
  2. Hey guys I'm having the same problem, error 210 compositor was disconnected. I've tried power cycling everything, deleting and reinstalling usb drivers, deleting and reinstalling graphics drivers, unplugging monitors, moving the usb to every 3.0 slot I have, turning off the option for windows to power down usb hubs, connecting cords in different sequences, updating bios and vbios, updating firmware on my GPU and headset, deleting and reinstalling steam, steam vr, and vive programs, tried installing them all in different hdd and ssd's, trying beta versions of the vive software. I feel like I've missed a few things, I've been trying to get it running for about 12 hours now. Not sure what else to do, steam vr checker says my setup is in the green for performance My specs are Vive cosmos I7 2700k 16gb corsair vengeance ddr3 Asus sabertooth z77 mobo Evga sc 780ti I know my GPU is old but its listed as compatible on the cosmos page Also submitted a ticket through the vive software TN:20191229032539 Any help anyone has would be seriously appreciated
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