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  1. @renginner Have you try Focus+ 5G streaming mode? I heard it’s quite stable with only little latency. Does Focus+ positioning accruacy meet your demand?
  2. Also have you Also have you removed anything that is reflected on the wall?
  3. There is hand tracking SDK for Vive ,but I thinks is mainly for developer only though.
  4. Only sinper stance? How about archery?
  5. @https://forum.vive.com/profile/29595-yuuya-masada/
  6. From Video that shows your avatar wearing a Cosmos Play . So are you testing this beta by using Cosmos Play?
  7. Don’t forget Pro also support lips tracking. Also, in one of the tread, mention Cosmos support eyes tracking.
  8. HTC n'a pas encore publié, sachez seulement que c'est le deuxième trimestre de 2020. Le prix est de 220 USD.
  9. Hey, the new update just came up, would you want to take a looks?
  10. Each contend is different, some can be process by Focus it’s own chips(only as powerful as a Android phone) some contend need to be process by powerful Vr PC. Vive Focus plus is equivalent to Oculus quest, so you can see why Facebook will launch a cable link for Quest to access rich PCVR content.
  11. Your assumption has been misleading I believe. 1) When the time Cosmos launched in October last year, they havd already mention it’s a modualr type of HMD that hardware can be update. The lighhouse faceplate is mainly targeting those OG Vive or Vive pro owner imhp. 2) The inside out tracking or All in one VR device is the fututure of VR. Mobility is king and , just like mobile phone, it’s a trend that cannot be ignored. One of the reason of Oculus Quest booming is coz it’s easy to set up without setting up lighhouse tracking. Any company is not aware of that might not be competitiv
  12. Well, let’s wait and see if they will release any info at the end of this month.
  13. I am just thinking as HTC is about to attending WMC2020 in Spain which start at 24th Feb. As they passed CES US in Jan.They must have some importance news or products are about to talk about. e.g maybe the faceplate of Cosmos launching date. In addition it will also be a great time great to release a far greater improved beta version at same time.As we all know there are rising anger about it especially in here.
  14. Sad to hear that.Far as I know, you could get a good used Ver1 Vive from two places. One is Amazon, the other is HTC itselves. If your in the US go the following link and you will find “ HTC certified Pre-own HTC Vive VR systems” https://www.vive.com/us/product/certified-pre-owned/vive/
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