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  1. Currently the inside out tracking is woeful at best. If your into shooting games guns or archery avoid at moment. Also games that require you to lift arm above shoulder, down to waist or slightly behind headset( ie. pulling a bow) glitch badly.
  2. Just to give you an example of the over heating. After a tone of research it looks like the overheating is a major cause of Grey screens and stuttering as the Display link processor throttles performance to main temperature. Currently working on a fan mod for mine as well. Room temp around 22C. Temps in Celsius. at boot up: 20-01-04 18:30:36.677 +10 0x42FC INFO LOG] M_Temperature=44, R_Temperature=38 [2020-01-04 18:30:37.001 +10 0x1AF0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 3, performanceQuality = 3 30mins latter: 20-01-04 18:59:46.685 +10 0x42FC INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=64 [2020-01-04 19:00:02.034 +10 0x1AF0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 2, performanceQuality = 3
  3. @sphinckoma please tell me more about the grey screens and overheating. I'm experiencing grey screens generally 20-30mins on. Vive told me it was reflections causing it but we always face the same direction and in the same room. The Wigig adaptor is warm to touch and looks to have no passive or active cooling at all. Could the on board chips be throttling down because of heat issues? How did you power the fan? was there a noticeable difference in performance. @Synthesis
  4. @A-Jey I think the biggest issue is that we are kept being told that a firmware update will be able to fix a hardware issue. Regardless if this Beta was a step forward or back the tracking issue will remain as it is a hardware limitation. The only way forward to fix it will unfortunately cost all users a great some of money.
  5. Good Luck, I'm in Australia and went over the return period as i was hoping that by some dumb luck that a software update could fix a hardware issue. I was told that the product was in the realm of what it was designed for and the fit for purpose argument wouldn't work as it was not a consistent issue but a intermittent issue with to many varying factors.
  6. Sounds like you are one of the lucky few people with no tracking issues. Good to hear.
  7. I'd prefer nothing done on the software if they put all their efforts into fixing tracking. I don't need some stupid decorations or any other garbage added. I just want the Cosmos to work as it should have and not how it does currently. I kick myself daily for not returning the unit when i could. The tracking is broken it's that simple. Everything else is great. Vive know they screwed up and are now trying to drag us along until they release the face plate. I hate that i will need to spend the same price as the original unit to fix the original unit. I have my Cosmos sitting next to me and every time i think of using it i remember that the tracking breaks on the majority of games i play. It's currently a very expensive paper weight. Basically the Cosmos will become the new Pro if people are prepared to double down on the money they have already spent. I hope the Dev's prove me wrong.
  8. I feel your pain. The thought of paying more money to fix the Cosmos tracking actually makes me feel sick. They are literally going to charge the same price as the original unit to fix the original unit which will realistically just make it a new version of the PRO which they should have just done at the start. Vive allow us to trade in the controllers and face plate for a heavily discounted on the new face plate, controllers and base stations to fix the Cosmos to how it should have been released.
  9. While i have no issues with Chinese Decorations I would much more enjoy having the Tracking work. The tracking on the Cosmos compared to any other VR unit i use is woefully bad. I know people are saying the firmware will eventually fix it but i cant see how firmware will fix a hardware issue. I don't need decorations. I need my Cosmos to work. Before all the fan boys jump up and down go try a Rift or a Pro, the tracking is amazing. You will cry when you go back.
  10. fixed. now showing
  11. Still Showing Beta.
  12. Trying to update from Beta to Public release but keep getting "No Software update available"
  13. Don't know where this 2hrs came from. My first set lasted me way more then 8hrs and probably more than 10hrs as i only took note from how often i had to charge my Wigig Battery and it lasted about 5-6 of those before i changed them. When i changed them they still had one dot left on both controllers.
  14. What CPU's are people recommending to run the WiGig well? Is Intel or AMD better? From what i gather WiGig is more about Core count than Cpu speed. Currently Running an I7 7700k and it's not doing the job well at all. I don't want to upgrade my current setup as it runs all my normal games great, but really not enjoying the Wireless VR experience especially after dumping all those Australian dollars at it. @VibrantNebula @Synthesis
  15. So from that i can take it that it's CPU core count dependent more then cpu speed? I do know my system will run 100% stable at 5ghz but i only run it at 4.8ghz due to australian heat in summer so i'm guessing cranking it back up wont help. Anyone know how many cores VR Server and VR compositor will use? Or is it more of an issue that they aren't optimised especially for running Wireless. You would think it would use more of the GPU if it's encoding and Decoding GFX information. My GFX card seem to be sitting around 60-70% usage only. I've read people saying try PCIEx4 slots but that doesn't make any sense at all as the card is only a X1. @stvnxu
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