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  1. The issue is that the screen will sometimes go black for just a few seconds then come back ok, but often goes black and stays black. Here is where it gets weird. The game itself is still running fine, tracking ok, controller tracking ok. If you take the headset off and walk around the room, you can see that everything is fine on the pc monitor. The vive wireless applet shows full signal strength, audio comes through the headphones, game runs normally, steamvr dashboard will come up fine . . . except that the headset display itself is blacked out. The fix is to unplug and replug the headset power. After that every comes up fine . . . until it blacks out again. Anybody seeing this behavior or know how to fix it? Thanks! My personal theory is that this is related to that pesky Intel Displaylink portion of the stack because everything else appears to be running as normal. It never used to behave this way, and displaylink has been updated several times since launch . . .
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