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  1. Wow, thx for the information. But nobody is willing to pay for any multiplayer viveport game with this information. I rather pick a storefront with a bigger community. What a bummer.
  2. Hi guys, I have tested both games. This was a hell of torture for me even without sound. This is kinda hardcore horror. Scared the shit out of me, man. (Reiko's Fragment, Sinister Halloween, Both from Viveport). The Test-Build nothing changed here. But I have to say, it should't change anything, because for me the colormapping and gamma are totally fine. Sure there are some dark areas, but these are meant to be dark. I have already compared it with my oled TV. Looks the same. This is kind of an example, where we would benefit from an oled screen for a better immersive contrast in black levels. So, I am pretty sure, in this case everything is fine. I tried so many games so far. (Steam, Viveport, Revive) I haven't found any wrong color mapping in a game provided by Steam or Viveport. Best regards Clark
  3. Hi A-Jey, I am already downloading the games (Reiko's fragment, Sinister Hollywood) to take a look at it. I hope, I will not got scared by these games. 😉 Wondering if there is a wrong color correction, too. Let me check it, I am still running the test build from C.T.. I can check, if there is any difference. I'll let you know. Best regards Clark
  4. Hi all, I was able to check the test build from C.T. today. "Dark" Games played via Revive like Lone Echo and Stormland have the right colors and gamma now. The games don't look dark anymore. The picture has a great contrast like it is meant to be. I was able to compare the pictures before and after the test build. It is like night and day. The problem is completly solved with this test build. Triple A Oculus Revive Games like Lone Echo are playable now with the Vive Cosmos. It feels like christmas. @C.T. Thank you very much for you effort, your fast response and the solution. I hope you don't mind me for my pushy and demanding style. I just wanted to give some hints for a solution.
  5. Hi Tom, I am honest. I was not complaining unreasonable and trying to help by reporting bugs and trying to give advices with my limited knowledge. My intention was not to be unfair to the vive team by becoming impatient and complaining unpleasant. I am sorry, if I sounded to pushy. In my defense I am from germany and trying my best to express myself by writing in my nonnative language. 😉 Thanks for the understanding. Clark
  6. Thanks for your great reaction. This is kind of a passionate customer service. I would love to help to get a better product for all of us to get the best VIVE cosmos experience. Until you guys listen to your paying customers, we are going to support your hardware. Win-win situation. Thank you. Clark
  7. Hi Steve, hi all, I totally agree with A-Jey. OVR_FORMAT_R11G11B10_FLOAT mapped to DXGI_FORMAT_R10G10B10A2_UNORM. Vive cosmos doesn’t interpret the corresponding DXGI Format as SRGB, which let the HMD display wrong colors and a wrong gamma value. It is nothing about the lack of an oled contrast. Sure the contrast looks better in dark areas, but in the mentioned games the dark areas shouldn’t be even dark. Look at the following pictures. Wrong gamma vs. right gamma in a mentioned game. It is not about contrast at all. Please get you interpretation of 10-bit UNORM textures as SRGB right. I won‘t buy any further tracking device, game and will cancel my viveport subscription until this is fixed. Thank you in advance. Kind regards Clark @C.T. @stvnxu
  8. Hi Tom, it is not about the lacking contrast because of the lcd Screen. In my opinion the vive cosmos has the best levels of all lcd screens on the market. When you look at the game outside the hmd on the mirror lcd screen you can see right colors and black levels, even on a cheap lcd tv. There is no blaming at the game, revive or the settings. The cosmo hmd doesn’t translate the gamma curve right. That‘s all. The gamma curve on the cosmos hmd for almost every revive games are literally wrong. The rift s lcd has worse black levels but the games look great in general. But Tom you are totally right about the great contrast of an oled screen. I still love my black levels from the psvr. I would rather accept some screen door effect for the deep black level immersion. I would pay up to 500 dollars more for an oled screen. Please help us here. Kind regards Clark
  9. Hi all, this is not a solution at all. Setting the Brightness and Contrast is a poor workaround. The main reason for the darkness problem seems to be the translation from SRGB, Linear Gamma and Gamma correction. I would like to know, how to change the gamma settings until this is going to be fixed. I don’t get it. The other HMD haven’t this problem at all. Revive-Games like Lone Echo, Vader Immortal, Stormland and so on are useless. I am not going to play this games unless this is fixed. Turning Contrast down to get a brighter image messes the picture qualities total up. Wrong colors and gamma. Please give us a solution here. Any advice for a workaround would be great. My main reason for keeping the Vive Cosmos is to keep the HMD until we can use the knuckles with the steam 2.0 tracking. But this driver bug is not acceptable. Kind regards Clark
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