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  1. Hi, We are building a VR game targeting standalone VR headsets such as the Vive Focus. It has virtually no requirements on the headset itself, so any headset that's better than a cardboard will work. I believe viveport is used as the default app store for a number of VR standalone headsets in addition to the first party vive focus. There's a number of options, as it seems on the developer console: use the wave sdk, use the link sdk, or the cardboard sdk. But there's no information on which platform gets apps from which sdk. For example, we just found out that the app is not made available to the vive focus if you use the cardboard sdk. So what's the best option for distribution? Does wave sdk have a broader audience than the cardboard sdk? If we select 6dof, does it exclude 3dof users from installing our app? Thank you in advance. @Cotta
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