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  1. Hi Nitesh, Yes, you are right. It is just a filter and you can adjust the variable to effect the cutoff slope in the filter. The default value is 0.007 and you can multiply or divide the variable by 10 until you notice the effect on the gaze data. Thank you, WenJie
  2. Hi Alexis, I am sorry for omitting in sample code. It should add an instruction for copy data from GPU. You can resolve this problem by calling ViveSR_SetParameterBool( ID_PASSTHROUGH, ViveSR::PassThrough::Param::DISTORT_GPU_TO_CPU_ENABLE, true); after ViveSR_InitialModule(ID_PASSTHROUGH); We are going to fix this issue in next version. Thank you for reporting the issue.
  3. Hi @imarin18, In order confirm your state, could you please provide more information? For example, your computer equipment, the meaning of x axis in your chart and how you get the timestamp in source code. Thank you.
  4. Hi Marcellotham, SetEyeParameter() is still supported in Eyedata_v2 but filtering always only works on gaze rays. So the versions of data doesn't effect filtering. Thanks, WenJie
  5. Hi André @AKCH, Gaze origin and Gaze direction are processed if the GazeRayParameter: sensitive_factor has been adjusted. Pupil position is the raw data. BR. WenJie
  6. Hi Scott, I recommend you can start with values like 0.001 or 0.0001 and multiply and divide this parameter by 10.
  7. This satiation might be that you've put too many colliders into the sense. There is a method to resolve it. Actually, you can found out that the method Focus() wraps the unity API Physic.Raycast(). Acording to documant of unity 3d user manual, you can ignore colliders with layer mask when casting a ray. Hence, you can manually create a layer and cast a ray only against the layer and ignore all other colliders. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics.Raycast.html https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/Layers.html Thank you.
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